Saturday, March 04, 2006

Dr. Visit

Yesterday I had an appointment with a (male) doctor that I had never seen before. As I was in the exam room waiting for him, I was knitting along on this: (Roxy Lady....LOVE this pattern!)

So in walks the doctor.

"What are you knitting there?"

"It's a purse" I hold it up to show him the cool pattern, because, admittedly, I am unable to stop myself from doing so... I am so in love with this project!

"Very nice"

Doctor then spies my B-4 bag on the floor next to my knitting tote.

"Is that bag felted?"

"You know about felting? I'm very impressed!" I boast a little and tell him that I work in a yarn store, and that I designed the purse pattern. He raises his eyebrows and nods with a smile.

Doctor explains that his mother used to knit a lot but arthritis has slowed her down, and that his wife is also a knitter.

By this time I am getting up onto the exam table and he says

"You've got some great socks there too"

You've just gotta love a man/doctor who appreciates your knitting and will initiate the conversation about it!