Friday, September 22, 2006

Contest Winners Chosen!

I want to thank each and every one of you who sent a donation for my Breast Cancer 3-Day walk fund. Your generosity was overwhelming and I was so grateful to be able to reach my goal so quickly with just a plea on my blog and a mention on Stephanie's blog. Knitters and bloggers are the best!

I decided to pick 3 winners instead of 1, and they have all been contacted. I have heard back from 2 of them, and as soon as I hear back from the last one, I'll post their names, and the prizes, right here!

Thanks again to all of you for your comes in all shapes and sizes. I appreciate the words of encouragement and praise just as much as the monetary support that allowed me to reach my goal. Every bit of it touched my heart and I will remember this summer as a very special one.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

These socks DO rock!

Some of the BeeGees (my Thursday night knitting group) went to Stitches Midwest in Chicago last month. I was not able to go because it was the same weekend of the 3-Day Walk. Tamara so graciously offered to bring me back some Socks That Rock sock yarn. I went to the website, picked out some colorways that I liked, and gave her the list. When she came back, she had one of the colorways I had picked out, but she also had this one, which I fell in love with. I started these socks about 2 weeks ago and finished them up Sunday evening.

I used Queen Kahuna's method, added a slip stitch underneath the heel as well as up the back of the heel. The cuff and top of the foot are done in a 2 x 2 twisted rib. It was a little fussy, but I love how they turned out. So far this is the best fitting pair of socks I've made. I always seem to make them a little too big. I used a size 1 needle this time and they are a nice thick, warm sock. I am looking forward to wearing them a lot this winter!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Read about our 3-Day journey...

Here is the link to the blog I wrote about my Breast Cancer 3-Day walk. My team consisted of me, my daughter, Kim and 3 of her co-workers... Lisa, Erin and Melissa. Lisa was with us on Friday and Sunday, but was standing up in a wedding on Saturday so missed that day of the walk.

It is a long entry, but I wanted to write as much of it down as possible so I could remember every detail. What an incredible weekend it was. Well, go read'll see....

3-Day Walk