Thursday, March 24, 2005

Oh I'm Leavin' On A Jet Plane....

I do, however, know when I'll be back again....Wednesday evening.

I'm leaving early tomorrow morning to visit my sister for the better part of 6 days. I'll be arriving in Omaha at about 9:40 and we'll be visiting 3 yarn stores and the HUGE Mangelson's craft store. Mongolian BBQ will be for lunch or dinner. Then we'll drive back to Vermillion, SD where Diane lives and have lots of sisterly/knitting time together.

The current newsletter for the shop has gone in the mail with the upcoming classes for the next 3 months. I am teaching several new and FUN classes this time around. A beaded belt knit with Berrocco Suede or Noro Daria. A beaded bracelet knit with #0000 needles and metallic thread. The Baby Ugg Boots. Some techniques classes (lace knitting, cables, etc). But the most fun of all, the knitted sandals class. I've had the sample pair in the shop for a couple weeks now and they are a hit! I've been trying to get a photo posted here because they are really cute, but I can't get it to upload. So it will have to wait.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and if you are travelling, have a safe, fun-filled trip!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

3 new books

Like I need more knitting books. Yeah, right. Sure. Just try to convince yourself, Trish.....

Last week at our Border's get-together, I finally spent the gift card I got from Kaitlyn for Christmas. I had looked at the knitting books before, but just couldn't make a decision. Kim had a gift card to spend too, so we browsed together. I ended up getting Knit and Crochet with Beads and KnitLit (too) : Stories from Sheep to Shawl . . . and More Writing About Knitting. I had read the first KnitLit book last year and really enjoyed the stories. I will probably end up adding that one to my knitting bookshelf at some point too. What I really wanted to get was 25 Bags to Knit: Beautiful Bags in Stylish Colors but Borders didn't have it. I ended up buying it at the shop when I was at work on Tuesday. There are some really cute purses/bags in this book. I haven't knit any that haven't been felted so I wanted to try a couple unfelted versions. I think I'm going to have quite a collection of them in a short period of time!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Today my blog turned 7,000. Holy cow. I hope you all are enjoying your visits. I sometimes wonder if I really have anything interesting to say. Who are these people who stop by and peer into my little corner of the knitting world?

Let's see....what is NEW in this little corner???

I finished up the Sheep Tote classes last week (photo in earlier blog entry) and everyone did a great job. It was interesting to see how all the different colorways of Plymouth Outback felted (all the students except one used the Outback) Several ladies chose to not do the needle felted sheep. One did needle felted flowers instead, using some roving and then some pieces of her yarn for stems and leaves (VERY cute and so creative). Another lady crocheted a really cute flower in the same yarn as her bag, felted it slightly, and put it on the side of the bag. Also a nice creative alternative. We really had a lot of fun in that class. I just love getting to know the knitters over the course of a few weeks. There are conversations that happen that give you a glimpse into their lives that you don't get when you are just ringing them up at the register or helping them pick out yarn.

This week I started teaching the Baby Surprise Jacket class again. I'll be the first to admit I wasn't crazy about teaching this one over again. I didn't mind the mittens, I didn't mind the clogs, but the prospect of this repeat was not thrilling me. However, I will also be the first to admit that it was perfectly fine, and once again I am blessed with great ladies to teach...funny, personable, and it just makes me realize how blessed I am to have this job (and I use that word VERY loosely because not ONCE has going to the shop felt like WORK to's always playtime in my eyes).

I relish the fact that I get to use my creativity, and get paid for it. The creative juices are REALLY flowing these days. The other morning a new purse design came from the dream I was waking up from. It was so clear to me in my dream, and while it is an unusual shape/style, and will take some playing around with to get it right, I am determined to make it happen. If you dream it, you can knit it. Right?

Speaking of designing...I am coming closer to the point where I can get my first pattern printed and hopefully on the market. I have lined up 4 test knitters to make sure the pattern is clear, free of errors and confusion, and contains all the information necessary for a frustration-free knitting experience. Some patterns are just not well written at all, and I don't want anyone to feel that way about something I've written. So far one of my TK-ers has finished her version of my bag and I love it! She had some suggestions for the pattern which I implemented. TK-er #2 found another area of confusion today and it was just an oversight that I quickly fixed. My sister Diane is going to start knitting hers when she gets back from LONDON (where she flew off to this afternoon til Sunday....lucky duck). Since I'll be visiting her in only SIXTEEN DAYS I can see her progress for myself. She also has enlisted one of her S & B-ers to test knit for me too.

When the pattern is ready to be released, I'll make a big stink about it right here :-)

I also recently designed a shawl pattern (using the Noro Blossom that I recently found hiding in the back of the bin). In the coveted #5 colorway. This stuff is out of stock EVERYWHERE and I really do want some more!

Anyway, the shawl turned out quite lovely, and I was truly amazed at all the blues, purples, and greens that showed up as I was knitting since the hanks look so predominantly PINK. I did find after finishing it and blocking it, that there were 3 things in particular that I would have done differently. If I wasn't afraid of ruining the yarn by frogging after it had already been wet blocked, I might have torn it apart and made the changes. But I decided to leave it as is. I wore it to work last week and Vicky liked it a lot. She said she definitely wants me to write up the pattern for this one too.

Well that gave me the idea that I'd better make another one, but with the changes I have in mind. But no more #5 to be had anywhere! Then, my mom decided she would like to have a shawl like this, and because I was going to be knitting another one anyway, and who needs 2 (almost) the same, I gave her the beautiful #5 Blossom shawl as her birthday present. I hope she enjoys it. I'll have to visit it once in a while.
Now I am just trying to decide which color I'm going to choose for the next one. I keep inspecting the hanks at the shop, trying to figure out what color stripes might burst from them unexpectedly. I guess that's going to be part of the fun. So, soon you'll be seeing 2 patterns designed by me. I'm so excited! I really didn't think I had it in me to design knitting patterns. (I have a couple more ideas floating around in my head...besides the dream bag...hey! I think that's what I'll name it!)