Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Happy New Year!

It's time for a little update!

Christmas was wonderful. All knitted gifts were graciously adored by all who received them. Even my understanding brother who got one felted clog early on Christmas eve, and wore it all evening on one foot until I got the other one finished during our celebration at our parents' house. (When I finished knitting the second one, he put it on his head and wore it as a hat before it went into the washer for felting) At least he got to take home a finished pair, even though one was still wet :-)

I got some great gifts as well:

A tapestry pillow that says "If I'm Sittin', I'm Knittin' " from my sister. I just love it! She also sent me The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns which indeed, will be very handy. It's been on my wish list since summer, so it was definitely something I wanted. She also sent me a beautifully painted Matrioshka set (Russian Nesting Dolls) from her recent trip to Russia.

I got a gift certificate to from my mom and dad, some yarn from my brother and his wife, the book Exquisite Little Knits from an online friend, a Hummel plate with a girl knitting on it, and my dear hubby also bought me the Knitting Lesson Hummel (which arrived broken in the mail --due to the inept packaging of an ebay seller. ) I am just heartsick about's just beautiful He gets me a Hummel every year for Christmas and this one was going to be really special to me. Hopefully it can be replaced at some point.

Those are my knitting gifts, and I got many other wonderful items, including gift certificates for spa treatments, which I am really looking forward to taking advantage of.

I will post some pictures of some of my new goodies soon.

It's really nice to have my Christmas knitting done and now I am ready to get a few things going for ME! (oh yeah, I have some knitting to do for the store samples for some classes I'll be teaching in the next couple of months). Even though my holiday knitting came right down to the wire, I never felt stressed about it, and thoroughly enjoyed knitting for my loved ones.

I wish all of you a safe and fun filled New Year's Eve, and may 2005 bring good health, happiness, joy (and lots of knitting) to each and every one!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Spent the Gift Certificate!

Thursday I decided that was the day I would go spend my gift certificate. The first thing I got was.............drum roll........... a freakin' speeding ticket on the way there! That's what I get for being so excited about going to spend my money. Grrrr......It was on a road that I have only been on once in my life before. A dirt road at that. On our side of town the dirt roads are 55 mph. This one (on the slow side of town?) happened to be 25 mph. I was on this road for a while, and going about 30 mph. I came to a stop sign and the road I was on crossed over a 4-lane paved road, and there was pavement on the other side for the road I was on. Well, subconsciously my mind said "paved road, higher speed limit". I was going about 40 and I saw a cop coming the other way. The pavement went only as far as a subdivision over a hill and then it turned to dirt road again. Well I was just over the hill and saw that it was dirt up ahead, and was slowing down, and saw the cop coming and then saw him turn around behind me and put on his lights. Grrrrr..... He was very nice about it, and only wrote me up for 5 mph over the limit, but geez.....couldn't he have let it go? I've only gotten one other ticket in my life and that was in Kalamazoo when Kim was at WMU. I had an appt. back here and was running late. Anyway, I guess I'm going to get a court date and hope the cop doesn't happen to show up, so I can hopefully get it waived. That kind of put a damper on my morning, for sure.

Anyway, I got 4 skeins of Noro in some colors that Vicky doesn't carry, and 4 skeins of Cascade 220 because I LOVE the bright colors and Vicky doesn't sell Cascade either. (I chose a lime green, purple, turquoise and fuschia....will be using them for felting. Probably a Sophie bag)I got another skein of the Trekking XXL I had purchased during the Shop Hop. I am going to use it along with a strand of black and knit myself a scarf at some point, using the stitch pattern from the Fluted Bannister Socks. I think it will be quite lovely :-) I got another set of Addi Turbos in size 1 (I never thought I would buy size 1 needles. What's next? Size 0? What is going on here?) and some really cute knitting-themed note cards. I also got (oops, can't tell you, Diane is going to read this and, you know, it would ruin the surprise) I didn't come home with as many things for ME as I hoped. I got too caught up with getting yarn that I couldn't get on my side of town. Oh well.................

I had brought the owner a couple of my beaded pens as a thank you for the gift certificate. One had her name on it, and 2 had the name of the shop. Then I showed her some of my other pens with knitting phrases on them and she agreed to put them in her shop on consignment. Yeah! So hopefully they will sell and she'll want more. Then I will have more money to spend there. That $100 just scratched the surface of all I wanted to buy in that store. Oy!

I've already knit up some of the Noro into mittens for my niece (they will be felted) and another pair of Noro Fuzzy Feet are on the needles right now. (pictures coming in the next day or 2) I'm hoping to get everything knit that I want to for Christmas, but I'm not sure it's actually going to happen. I'd better be getting some packages in the mail soon, ya think? That's it, no more sleeping until everything is done and mailed.

I actually got some Christmas shopping done last night with Kim. I am so far behind in my Christmas shopping and preparations this year. I just don't know what's wrong with me! Anyway, we had fun ....though it was not pleasant going in and out of the stores in pouring rain at about 36 degrees. We had had such a pretty snowfall in the morning....a really moist snow that stuck in every branch and covered every surface in white beauty. Then the rain came. Made the huge snowman fall over. Made us all very sad. I didn't even get a picture of him before he was obliterated by the rain. Overnight all that wet turned to ice. What a mess.

Oh Twinkle Tree, Oh Twinkle Tree.....

Mike and I had decided that this was the last year for our Christmas tree and that we'd be getting a new one for next year. The old one had quite a few broken branches and was just looking very "Charlie Brown"-ish. Well, Target put their trees on sale for 30% off and I happened to have a 10% off Rewards Certificate, so we went to look at what they had left yesterday morning. We ended up coming home with a new tree, because I told Mike it would be silly to buy one at full price next year when we can get such a deal this year. I didn't want to wait until after Christmas, because I know by then there will be very little left to choose from.

Our new tree is soooo much nicer than the old one. It's taller, and MUCH fuller. I can't see through to the middle like on the old one, and this one is prelit with 1000 lights. Some of them twinkle which gives it a magical look. We set it up (which was snap!)just to make sure it wasn't TOO big for our room, and to make sure the lights all worked. Then we decided, what the heck, lets just take the ornaments off the old tree and put them on the new, instead of waiting to use it next year. It really didn't take that long and I'm glad we did it. I was pouting every time I looked at that old decrepit tree with some its branches that were just balancing on top of others because they were broken. This one is just gorgeous! Anyway, Mike hauled the old one out onto the front porch where it will live until after Christmas....It was nice pulling up and seeing it lit up on the porch last night. I thought we would just toss it, but we can get some more use out of it as an outdoor decoration.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


I left for work this morning in rather a foul mood, having to do with the torrential downpour that was happening outside. Isn't this December? Isn't this Michigan? Isn't it supposed to be a lovely, white, winter wonderland out there? UGH I hate when it rains like this in December. It's already so gray and brown out there without the mud that comes along with the rain..... I mean, it rained so long and hard today that when I was on my way home from work I saw someone rowing a boat across their flooded front yard. No lie. Cracked me up!

Anway, I stopped at the mailbox this morning to put something out to be picked up, but the mail had already come. I decided to flip through it quickly to see if there was anything interesting before leaving it in the mailbox for hubby to collect when he got home (before me) this afternoon.

Hmmmmm.....what's this? An envelope from one of the yarn stores that was on the Shop Hop several weeks ago. Ok, I got on their mailing list....this is probably a newsletter or something....

[Remember the drawing being held? It popped into my head, but I thought, no, it couldn't be. It's been nearly a month! I didn't really expect to win in the first place, because all 3 stores were JAMMED with people doing the Shop Hop, (and really, what are the chances) and had all but forgotten about the whole thing.]

Well, I think by now you can see where this is heading....I WON!!!! I got $100 gift certificate to a yarn store!!!! It was the one store out of the three that Donna (my neighbor that I went with) and I liked the best, too. I was whooping it up in my car by the mailbox when I opened it up, had to call my sister right away and tell her, and then called Donna to tell her too.

Vicky was excited for me too. FREE YARN!!!! YIPPEE!!! Tomorrow is the only day this week that it's not supposed to rain, so I may take the opportunity to try to find my way back over to that store (Donna was driving and I have no idea how she got us there, and it's a town I haven't been to more than once or twice in my entire life......but.....I think I can figure it out with $100 free yarn money in my pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Can you believe it? When I went into work and told Vicky, and said how I can get free yarn for more Christmas gifts, she said I should use it to buy things for MYSELF. I suppose she's's a gift from above. I may have to get a thing or two for "someone" else though. I mean, I am a sharing type of gal.'s a picture of the Noro Fuzzy Feet. I felted them last night. LOVE 'EM! I also felted another pair of clogs, and Jake liked those better than the Fuzzy Feet (which were to be for his teacher) so I guess SIL is getting the Fuzzy Feet and Jake's teacher is getting the clogs. Shhh....don't tell anyone.....I'm a gift switcher.....

Thursday, December 02, 2004

A whole lotta knitting going on!

I can't talk about most of it because it's a lot of Christmas gifts! Let's just say I'm cranking out some things to give to some of my favorite people, and will be posting pictures after the holidays.

Mike finally got the old washing machine set up in the basement so I can felt again. My "to be felted" pile had gotten pretty big, so I was happy to start throwing things in and getting them done. I felted a ............, several pairs of........ and still have a pair throw in. To add to it, I'm going to make a pair of Fuzzy Feet for Jake's teacher...hopefully I'll get started tonight. I'm using Noro Kureyon...I haven't seen any FF made up in Noro so I'm hoping they turn out ok. I had a conference with her today and checked out her shoe size (then got confirmation from her hubby, the principal) so I know what size to make them. I'm kind of excited about doing will be my first time knitting with Noro, and my first pair of Fuzzy Feet after MANY MANY pairs of Fiber Trends Felted Clogs.

So that's the knitting news from my little corner of the world today.