Tuesday, December 20, 2005

There must be a time warp!

Ok, seriously...there really canNOT only be 3 days left before the Christmas festivities are upon me....I mean really, how DID this happen? We are having Christmas Eve with my side of the family, here in this house, in a mere 90 hours. Am I even CLOSE to being ready? Hell no! Right now I am taking a break from some Christmas knitting....yes, I'm still knitting...and I'm almost done with this project, which then has to be felted. Crazy? Wait til you hear this! It's got to go in the mail ....out of state! HA! Funny, huh? And then am I done? Hell no! I still have at least 3 more things to knit. I have come to the conclusion that 2 of them will be New Year's gifts rather than Christmas gifts, but I have to at least get the one done. OMG.....WHEN???

So, I'm going to give those stress-filled thoughts a little rest....

Saturday evening the BeeGees got together and had our little Christmas celebration. It was SO much fun. Tamara put out quite a spread....about 72 different appetizers and desserts (only a slight exaggeration if you must know). We ate til we burst, the wine flowed freely, and there was much laughter and merriment. Tam provided us with Christmas crackers (not Wheat Thins, silly, the ones you pull the ends, there is a small explosion, and inside you find goodies....THAT kind of cracker) These are not the cheap (Cracker Jack prize) variety....these were the good ones....with REALLY nice prizes inside. Of course each one also holds a pink tissue paper crown, and here we all are, sporting them in good humor.

Cute, aren't we?

Front row, sitting: Kim, Tamara, Sharon A., me, and Tamara's immensely talented dog, Chloe.

Back Row, standing: Clare, Frankie, Sharon H., Linda (hiding behind Sharon!), Miri and Pat.

Missing BeeGee: Debbie....sniff... Thanks for a wonderful time, Tamara!

So, today I worked. What a day! Things were definitely hopping. Today is Kim's 23rd birthday (ok, another time warp.....). She came to have lunch with me at the shop, but it was so busy that she had to sit there and eat by herself, my lunch got ice cold while I helped customers, and 2 hours later I finally got to eat. Blech. I decided to keep the shop open an hour later than normal since it was so busy, and that was a good idea because there were several more GOOD sales during that time. Then I spent the next hour washing salt marks off the floor. So much fun. Hopefully the girls have just as busy a day tomorrow as I did today. It's a good thing!

You want to know another good thing? I'm off for 2 weeks! WOO HOO! Well, I may go in for a couple hours one day next week. After Thursday the shop is open only by chance until January 4th. We were going to close down completely but we'll be open....hit and miss...next week. I am glad I'm done for this week though....I need all the help I can get to finish up.

We are having Kim and Drew here for dinner tomorrow to celebrate her birthday. Then it's really crunch time....planning dinner and everything else for Saturday, and making sure everything is taken care of for Sunday. Whew! I'd better get back to my knitting so I can felt and get those puppies drying overnight ....so hopefully they can go in the mail tomorrow!

Oh, and one more thing....I got a package in the mail today from my dear friend Jane. I couldn't help my excitement....I had to open it. Inside was one thing that I kind of expected, and one thing I definitely did NOT expect. The expected....a wonderful repeat of last year...a calendar with each month featuring one of her wonderful photographs. Jane is quite a talented photographer, and each time I get correspondence from her it is written inside a card that has one of her photos on the outside. I treasured her calendar last year, and this year will be more of the same. The unexpected? A beautiful, oh-so-soft baby alpaca scarf that I have around my neck right now just because it's so wonderful. It's in the most beautiful shade of turquoise, and if I could get a decent photo, you'd see it below. But at this time of night, nothing will do it justice. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a decent shot of it and post it right here. Take my word for it....it's awesome. THANKS JANE. Love ya! MWAH!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Jake's been knitting

Here's Jake as he went off to school this morning, sporting the scarf he finished knitting yesterday. He started it Thanksgiving weekend, and I am so proud of him for finishing it. All morning we both kept saying "Thanks, I made it myself!" so that it would come naturally to him when he started gathering compliments at school for his cool new scarf.

I'm doing a lot of knitting too, but most of it cannot be shown here. It's that time of year, don'tcha know? SHhhhhhhh....................