Friday, January 29, 2010

Wow, an actual FO!

I am happy these socks are done, but none too proud of the fact that they took me 18 months to knit! I started them to take to a Stitch 'n Pitch game (in 2008!) and made quite a bit of progress on them for a while... then they got ignored for a very long time. These are the Socks of Kindness, and I used Jojoland Melody yarn.
My first FO of 2010. Now, what to put on the needles next?

ps.... Jake was the photographer for this shot.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Message from McKenna

Hi everyone,

Thanks for stopping by my grandma's blog!

I hope you had a great Christmas, and that the New Year is off to a good start!

My grandma has just finished working on her personal page for "Team McKenna Faith" (that's me) for the March of Dimes walk coming up soon. Well.... when it gets warmer, that's for sure! My mommy has done the March of Dimes walk the last few years. Who knew I would be one of the babies born prematurely... one of the babies that she was walking for and didn't even know it.

As you can imagine, this cause has become even more important to Mommy and Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa, and our whole entire family and circle of friends (and there are a lot of them! Have you heard about those crazy parties in our family? Whew, I'm going to have to get used to all that commotion! So far I've led a very sheltered life!) .

anyway.... since we all had the experience of me being born before I was done cookin' in the oven, we definitely want to help prevent other families from going through the turmoil and emotional struggle that premature birth can cause, as well as the added financial burden, possible birth defects, etc. (Grandma put those words in... my vocabulary is not quite THAT good yet!)

Some of those babies in the NICU with me were not doing as well as I was. I wish every one of them could be as strong and healthy as I am now. I wish all of us could have stayed in our mommy's wombs a little longer so we could grow inside and not in the NICU. It was not a fun place to be for any of us, but those wonderful angels (nurses and doctors) helped me get bigger and stronger so I could go home to be with my mommy and daddy.

All the big people in the family are trying to get a really big team of local friends and family to walk with us. I will be in my stroller, which will be all decorated with balloons and signs. It's going to be a fun weekend (we will walk two different events in one weekend in 2 different locations) It's a lot of walking, but it will be great! Don'tcha think?

I know you can't come walk with us, but please consider a donation for our team, for a very worthy cause, in honor and celebration of ME! Just click on the banner. Easy-peasy!

Thanks a bunch!

(my grandma, the Bloomin' Knitiot, thanks you too!) Mwah!

PS... just a little reminder.... this is me on the day I was born. I only weighed 2 lbs. 5 oz.

and look at me now! 5 months old, almost 10 lbs. Yay!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

10 Things

Inspired by my friend Maria's recent post, here are 10 things I am most looking forward to in 2010:

1: Watching McKenna continue to grow stronger and seeing her develop so many new skills during this next year.

2. Getting rid of the UGLY wallpaper in our family room and hopefully getting new furniture too. I'd like to maybe get rid of the mantle and put tile around the fireplace instead. We'll see.

3. A vacation? I didn't get one last year....

4. Swimming in our new pool. Please let there be a summer this year!

5. Being more active, being more careful with my eating, and losing some weight.

6. Adding sewing back into my leisure pastimes. Knitting kind of took over for a while, and will not go away, but I'll be doing more sewing this year.

7. McKenna being able to spend more time with the family, as RSV season ends, and her lungs become more developed. Hurry spring!

8. The March Of Dimes Walk for Babies in April. Supporting the March of Dimes in their battle against premature birth has taken on a whole new meaning in our lives. We are hoping to gather a huge team to walk in honor and celebration of McKenna, our little miracle.

9. Getting back into the habit of reading. I've spent very little time with my nose in a book lately, and I miss it!

10. I vow to be a better blogger this year!