Sunday, August 01, 2004

August already?????

How can it be August?

I'm in disbelief....the summer is flying by and with all that will be happening this month, it will continue to do so.

Next Saturday is my niece's bridal shower. I am knitting for her an afghan in the colors of her new living room. She and her beloved bought a house a few months ago that was, to put it very mildly, a pig sty! They have worked so hard to bring this house from the dirty mess that it was left in, back into splendor. They have hauled out trash, scrubbed and cleaned disgusting messes that no one should have to deal with. But they are doing a great job and will have a very nice home to move into after their wedding.

The afghan is going quickly, and I'm sure I'll finish it in time. I'm anxious to get it done though, because it is getting heavy on the needles at this point, and also because it's been 85 degrees and having this thing in my lap is not a great mix with my hot flashes :-) I've taken a few pictures but they were with the old digital camera and I am having a hard time uploading them. Mike has the new camera with him this weekend on his canoe trip with the guys. I'll have to get more pix when he gets home so I can post them here.

In a couple weeks we will be heading to FL for a quick vacation before the kids go back to school on the 30th. We couldn't pass up the deal we got on airline tickets....$39 each way to Tampa! We have family down there so will stay at their house, swim and relax, go to Busch Gardens one day, etc. We are bringing 2 nieces and a nephew with us....should make for an interesting time.

Back to the afghan. I think I'd better crank up the a/c.

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