Sunday, August 08, 2004

Kelly's Shower

Kelly really liked her afghan, and I checked it out against the new blue walls in their house after the shower, and it goes very nicely. She also got an afghan (crocheted) from Aunt Margaret, that was beautiful. Now they both have one to snuggle under, each made with lots of love.

But it wasn't the afghan that she said was her favorite gift from me (WHAT? After all those hours under that hot thing in 85 degree temperatures? HUH?) Nope, it was the "Forgiveness Cup" that I gave her, with a poem I had written to go along with it.

I had heard about the idea quite a few years ago, and had written my own poem and given it as shower gifts quite a few times. Then I lost the poem I wrote, and there weren't many wedding showers to go to, so it was kind of forgotten. But I remembered the idea again recently and wanted to give a Forgiveness Cup to Kelly and Brian.

Find a very special wine glass or goblet. I have found that Marshall's or TJ Maxx have some really interesting ones. You can even get one etched or engraved with "I'm sorry" or "Forgive me" or "Forgiveness Cup" if you'd like. I printed out the poem, rolled it like a scroll, and tied it onto the stem of the glass with silver ribbon.
Here is the poem I wrote to go along with it.

Forgiveness Cup

When you've had an argument or a fight
whether it is big or small...
When you're not talking to each other much
maybe not at all...
When you want everything to be fine,
you want to kiss and make up...
All it takes is for one of you
to use the Forgiveness Cup.
Reach for it, fill it up
present it as a token.
Your love will know what it means,
no words need to be spoken.
If your love drinks from the cup,
things are on the mend.
Share this way to forgiveness
for true love that never ends.

This gift got a round of applause from everyone there and I know Kelly and a few others got a little "misty". I love to give gifts like this that are special and sure to be remembered in years to come. Just thought I'd share. Feel free to use the idea and the poem if you'd like, or write your own for the special couple.


Lauren said...

This is just what we were looking for for our couples' Bible study. Thank you.

Anonymous said...
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