Tuesday, October 19, 2004

2 on 1 Socks!

What's better than learning the Magic Loop technique for knitting socks? I'll tell you what....figuring out how to use the Magic Loop technique, AND how to do both socks at the same time! Thanks to some instructions and photos at the yahoo group for Magic Loop, I got it! Now I feel I can really get excited about socks. No more pokey double points in my hands. No Second Sock Syndrome....I'm on my way to being a sockknitter!

Having some wonderful yarn to knit with doesn't hurt either. These socks are going to be so pretty! Here's hoping they actually fit when I get them done.


I have to give some huge kudos to Brown Sheep Company for having both ends of the skein wrapped around the outside under the label. With their yarn you don't have to fish around inside the skein to attempt to find the end, only to end up pulling out a huge wad. Little things mean a lot, ya know?

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