Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Let's see, where to begin.....

The weekend before last was the
Fall Sheep and Wool Fest at Mt. Bruce Station near my home. I was helping Vicky out with her booth, and in return, she let me bring some of my "wares" to sell. I sold some felted purses, some beaded stitch markers, beaded earrings and bookmarks. The weather was great, I met a lot of 'fiber people'. There were lots of spinners, rug hookers, and people who raise sheep, llamas and alpacas. In fact we had a visit to our booth Sunday morning by the most beautiful chocolate brown alpaca. I immediately fell in love with his adorable face and oh-so-soft coat. I want one! Here he is....

My new friend Posted by Hello

The farm was decorated for fall with pumpkins and sunflowers everywhere. Our booth was right behind the folk singer so we had wonderful entertainment all weekend. The grill was upwind and so the lamb kabobs, lamb sausage, grilled veggies, etc. had us drooling constantly. Yummy!

When I left the Sheep Fest on Sunday afternoon, I met up with Kim and we went shopping for a wedding dress for her. It was the first time we had done this, and the very first dress she tried on is still my favorite. She was so beautiful in it, and I'm hoping it's the one she decides to get. She is still looking, just in case she finds one she likes better, but I'm not sure it's possible!

Speaking of weddings, Kelly and Brian's wedding was Friday night. It was a lot of fun, and Kelly was stunningly beautiful. We had a great time at the reception. I had whipped together a shawl Wednesday night to go over my black dress and it was quite a hit. I used 3 balls of Adriafil Stars in black, with one ball of gold Plymouth Glitterlash knit along with it. I used my honkin' size 35 needles and in a mere 3 or 4 hours I had an 80" long wrap (with fringe) that looks like a million bucks. It is 28 stitches wide, in case you need to know. When hanging in its normal state it's about 24" wide, but because it's so loosely knit, it can actually stretch to over 3 feet wide. Soooo soft and cuddly!

Glitter Wrap for wedding Posted by Hello

We had a hard time recovering from the wedding Friday night. Saturday Mike and I ended up sleeping until after 11 am (ahhhh....heavenly) before we dragged our hungover selves out of bed and had to go pick up the kids as well as Kim's Jeep which was left at the bride's house.

Sunday we had a Cub Scout outing to go to with Jake. Here's my little scout.

Scout Posted by Hello

Isn't he handsome in his uniform? We had a beautiful day for a hike in the woods, cider and donuts afterwards.

Last night was my 3rd knitting class that I taught and all is going well. I am really enjoying my new role, and am happy to report that I will be doing more classes this month, as well as a class for the felted clogs starting in November. I meant to take my camera with me last night to get some pix of my students knitting away, but I forgot. Maybe next week.....

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