Friday, October 08, 2004

Jake's Crazy Caterpillar

Knitterpillar Posted by Hello

Jake's class is studying the development of caterpillars into butterflies in school. They have lots of them in several stages of development and have really gotten into this hands-on experience. He came home a couple weeks ago with an assignment to make a "Crazy Caterpillar" with the help of his family.

I recently got a Barbie Knit Hits knitting machine on ebay, with the hopes of using it to knit purse handles for the felted purses and tote bags I am making. But Jake and I came up with the idea of using it to knit his crazy caterpillar. He loved cranking it out. He picked out the colors, and did all the "knitting". It was a hit with his classmates (many of whom used egg cartons since it was one of the suggested ideas) No one else had a knitted one!

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Rachel Nicole said...

Your last name is Bloom? That's so cool!!!