Sunday, October 24, 2004

Sock Progress, Fall leaves

I just love how my socks are turning out. They really remind me of fall colors. I couldn't resist taking a picture of them hanging on the Burning Bush by our deck. Heel flaps are coming along. I took a break from socks to knit up a scarf that will be for Kim for Christmas or her birthday. I used yummy Classic Elite Bravo yarn, which is a silk/mohair/wool/rayon/nylon blend. It's a double strand. One is mohair-y looking and the other has a cotton-y look to it that is multi colored. I added a strand of satiny ribbon yarn and it turned out to be quite pretty. Picture to follow when I get the fringe added. (if you click the link, the one I got is #3736, the 4th one) I used a pink ribbon yarn to go with it and I love the combination of the textures.

So, my holiday knitting has begun! About time, I think!

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