Tuesday, November 09, 2004

B4 and After Felted Mittens

Here are the mittens I knit up for shop samples to advertise my upcoming Felted Mittens class. I knit these with Lamb's Pride worsted weight on size 11 needles. I love how they feel after felting. I also knit up a third mitten, and inside the cuff I picked up stitches along the top of the ribbing (not the edge) with a non-felting yarn and knit another ribbing cuff inside the wool one, so when felted, there is a cuff that is tighter to the wrist. The mitten without this inside cuff is kind of loose around the wrist. It has to be or else you couldn't fit your hand inside. I wanted to show this option in case some people wanted to know what it looked like, if they chose to do it. I'm going to have to get a picture of that mitten. I didn't take one before I took it into the shop. Maybe tomorrow when I go in to work I will bring my camera and hopefully remember to do that.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Love the felted mittens! This yarn you used is so pretty! The blues are very rich.

Hope the class goes well :)