Friday, November 05, 2004

First pair of socks are done!

My first pair of socks are off the needles, and while I am proud of myself for completing them in about 2-1/2 weeks, the bad news suspected....they are way too big. But I am not fretting, I'm using this as a learning experience, and have already started on my second pair.

I took a picture of my foot in a shoe to show off my great find from the new thrift store in town. I have an awful time finding any shoe that will fit my foot, and then feel good, so I spend about 95% of my time (when I am wearing shoes, which is as little as possible) in my Etonic Trans Am Walkers, because they come in wide width. I usually don't even bother looking at the shoes at the thrift stores, but something told me to check them out.

I was hoping to find a clog that I could wear when I get my next pair of socks done, and I could only see the front of these on the shelf, and they looked like a clog. I picked them up, and even though they had backs on them, I liked the look of them, and they were big enough that they might fit me. And fit me they did! Perfectly! Amazing! I looked to see what brand they were, and saw they were made in Denmark. I thought to myself that this pair of shoes was probably an expensive pair. I grabbed them up at $4.99 and came home to investigate them online. I found out they are Dankso brand, and the style looks to be "Professional" and they sell for more than $100! Wow, I was thrilled! I emailed my sister and she emailed me back saying "YOU GOT DANSKO'S for $5.00?????I'm SO JEALOUS!" Well, I had never heard of them before, but I guess they are good shoes, no?I have been wearing them all day and just love them. They are in great condition...they look like they couldn't have been worn more than a couple of times, from the condition of the soles. Now tell me, why would anyone give up a pair of practically new, $100+ leather, imported shoes???? Their loss, my gain. YIPPPEEEE!

Here is a picture of my honkin' huge pair of socks off my feet.


Toni said...

Good job on your first socks--despite their being too large ;) I adore Danskos for their styles, durability and feel. You might also want to check out Hiflinger, a German clog manufacturer.

Miriam said...

*drools* DANKSO's!!! I love my pair! I'm thinking about getting some of their boots for winter. They are the best shoes I've ever come across that weren't sneakers! I have scoliosis and I just slip my lift in the bottom and I'm good to walk all day! Mine are a professional pair like yours, but in the oiled brown finish and narrow width :)

Also, welcome to the knitting blog ring on the same day as me :)


Anonymous said...

I love my Danskos. I always check ebay before I buy, and I did score a pair at half-price. But $4.99? You are one lucky lady. Hey, the socks are cool too. :)
Sharon (Knitknacks)