Monday, February 07, 2005

46 days and counting!

I'm taking a little trip at Easter to visit my sister, Diane. I used to visit her every year in the kids, no hubby....just me. It was always something to look forward to after a dreary winter. The last couple of years the tradition has been broken, and I haven't gotten to spend much time with her at all lately. She lives in South Dakota and I live in Michigan. She flew in for the weekend when we had our 25th anniversary party, but the party was basically the only time I got to see her. So I decided it was time to do it again. I'm ditching my family for almost 6 days for PLAY TIME FOR ME!

Diane is a knitter, too, and we are really looking forward to sittin' and knittin' together. In fact, yesterday I talked to her and she had some fun news for me! She was talking to her knitting buddies at their Saturday S & B and they came up with the idea of meeting at one of the lady's houses one of the nights I am there, everyone bringing a dish to pass, so we'll have dinner, sit 'n knit, etc. It's going to be great!

Speaking of sittin' & knittin'....There is a new group forming that is going to meet at the Borders store once a week about 25 minutes from where I live. It's not right around the corner, but a chance to meet new knitting friends, get out of the house, etc. I hope I am able to go this week and meet everyone. It's going to be the first get together.

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Jen L said...

Diane just told us that we might be learning how to knit beaded bracelets! How fun! Yours look great. Can't wait to meet you. Have a safe trip!