Thursday, July 14, 2005

Pinky the Bear

On Tuesday I knit this bear from a Fiber Trends pattern. It was a pretty quick knit, and I was just crossing my fingers that it would felt nicely. I am planning on teaching this class for beginners, as a way for them to learn to read a pattern, learn 2 different ways of increasing and 2 different decreases. Also short row shaping with wrap & turn.

Felting is so amazing. This 'not so cute' garter stitch bear leaves a little to be desired, huh? But look how cute Pinky Bear is now!
I did needle-felting to put her face on tonight at the BeeGees meeting.

The color in the "before" photo is more accurate. I just took the "after" photo tonight in low light. I used Plymouth Galway and it took just about 1 skein. I had a very tiny little ball left after sewing up the seams.

I'm playing around with the new feature on Blogger that lets you add photos and trying to get the hang of it. I am going to love this feature....going through Hello was always somewhat of a pain. I'm glad to be able to just insert the pix right into the blogger post, and have a choice of size and position. Yeah!


Suzanne said...

It's so cute! What a great project.

FaeryCrafty said...

The bear turned out great!

Kim said...

Hey, where's Pinky's flower?

Dani said...

SOOOO cute! She turned out wonderful!

Katherine said...

Pinky is sooo cute! I made one, using the same pattern, for my daughter, except I ran out of black yarn at the end and had to buy brown to do the face and ears. Still a cute bear, but you did a MUCH better job on the face then I did. LOL Good job!

Stephanie said...

I could not believe your before and after were the same bear! Cool! Guess I should pick up that pattern next time I am at the knitting store! Thanks for sharing.