Thursday, July 07, 2005

Something Blue

I wish I had a closeup shot of the lace garter I knit for Kim for the wedding. However, I finished it only the day before and gave it to her in a rush. I can still get a picture at some point (they didn't do the garter toss, so this can become an heirloom, and I'm hoping at some point a grandchild of mine will wear it too) I knit it using this pattern .

However, I ended up using a size 1 needle because it took me about 20 minutes to do 2 rows using the 000 needles that I had, and I knew I could never get it done in time that way! I couldn't get the darned needles through those tiny little stitches! And knitting with cotton thread was not my favorite thing in the world, let me tell you. I did my best not to curse, and tried to remember to knit each stitch with love love love.

I ended up not doing the seam binding casing on the back....I just doubled some elastic thread and wove it through the middle and adjusted it to the tightness she wanted, then wove the blue ribbons through the eyelets and tied a bow.

She still needed "something old" so into the bow I tied a gold charm of mine that I've had since high school that says "Live, Love, Laugh".

p.s. that's my niece Melissa, and my mom, checking it out


Melissa said...

I'm famous!!

Beth said...

Well done on the garter! I almost knit that very one for a friend who got married last month. I couldn't find the size 40 cotton thread. I may "whip up" a couple to have on hand for future bride friends.