Friday, September 23, 2005

Another Bloom Shawl

My first 2 "Bloom" shawls were done in Noro Blossom, both of them in color #5 (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE...but then...if you know me, you know that!)The first one I gave to my mom for her birthday because she fell in love with it, and I promptly knit up another one for me! But, Blossom #5 has very bright, spring-like colors, and I wanted to do something for fall.

I also wanted to play around with other yarns and see what kind of results I would get.

So here is another shawl, this one done in Noro Silk Garden (color #204 in case you 'need' to have it!)This shawl turned out to be just a bit smaller than the one done in Blossom, but not so much as to be too small. Just right. I decided to add fringe to this one instead of the crocheted edge...once again to show some options. I will hang this in the shop with my other one to show the different looks you can achieve by using different yarns or finishing touches. This one took 3 skeins for the shawl and almost another full one for the 4 total if you want the fringe.

I would also like to try one in Trendsetter Dune for a little glitz.


Diane said...

It's bee-you-ti-full!! I love it!

FaeryCrafty said...

Very pretty :)

Tori said...

OOOH, AAAH, Lovely! I like the colors, good choice for the season!

Gina said...

OMG!! I love them!!! How many skeins did you use?!! I may have to splurge!!!!!

Jane said...

I love the striping on that one, and the colors are perfect for Autumn. I'll send you a photo of mine later today (sorry, I forgot!)

Edna Hart said...

GORGEOUS!!!! It would look great in Colinette PRISIM too.

Bloomin'knitiots Mom said...

When do you get the Time? you must work on the same schedule as your Godmother. Love the colors....

Anonymous said...

I have been knitting for quite a few years but don't recognize the term W&T in one of your patterns.
Have to say I am feeling quite stoooopid.
Could you help me please?
From one Trish to another...
Thank you

Trish said...

Well it's hard to send clarifications if you post a comment anonymously and don't give me an email address. Emailing me is always a better way to go. So I'm going to hope whoever questioned the W & T comes back to read this:

It's Wrap & Turn ...a method for eliminating a hole that will be formed when doing short rows if you don't wrap the stitch.

Bring your yarn forward between your needles
Slip a stitch to your right needle
Bring the yarn to the back
Slip stitch back to the left needle

then TURN your work around and go back on the stitches you just knit without completing the row. This is called working in short rows.

Hope this helps