Thursday, September 15, 2005


I met Lynn several months ago when I was on a road trip to Threadbear with my Thursday night knitting group. I had been reading her blog for quite a while, always in awe of her creativity, and how many things she has going on at all times in her life. And she doesn't just 'dabble' in all these areas, she masters them! When I met Lynn she was sitting at a table at Threadbear, knitting a pair of socks, if I recall. Even if I'm wrong, it would be a good guess, because this is one of Lynn's many areas of expertise. She knits socks. Lots of socks. Take her "sock tour" and see just some of the socks she has knit over the past several years. Lynn also designs sock patterns. She teaches sock classes.....I think she loves socks! (Lynn teaches LOTS of classes, not just socks, and not just at Threadbear. She teaches at 5 yarn stores in the Lansing area, as well as doing workshops in other far-reaching areas)

Ok, so we've covered on!

Lynn dyes yarn and roving.

She creates beautiful palettes to knit and spin and felt with....check them out! But wait, there's more...there's so much more!

Lynn loves fiber, but her creativity isn't limited to just this medium. Lynn is a very talented polymer clay artist as well. She makes some incredible, one-of-a-kind buttons which were just recently featured in a trunk show (along with her beautiful ArtYarns) at Threadbear. She can take a kazoo and turn them into a museum piece! I mean really, who would have thought to cover a kazoo in beautiful polymer clay? Check them out. You'll love them!

Besides flying high from her recent trunk show, Lynn is also basking in the glow of being the current featured 'interviewee' on Knitcast.

You'll want to listen to Lynn and get to know her better.

Then there's Lynn's music career, which she shares with her husband. Her talents just go on and on, don't they? Lynn has just about a gazillion careers all at once.

What a way to live a COLORJOYful life!

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Sharon said...

I count Lynn as a good friend. You've captured her to a T. What a lovely tribute.