Saturday, September 03, 2005

New Bag Pattern for Sale

But first, let's take care of some important business.

Susan and Margene have got a great idea. Visit their blogs to see what they are up to. Donate to the Red Cross (you can use the button at the top of my sidebar) then email them to let them know how much you donated and they'll add it to the total donated by knitters. Then you'll be entered in a drawing to win one of many great items that generous knitters have donated. So maybe you can donate a prize too? I'm deciding what I can give to the prize pile.


It's ready! The B-4 Bag pattern is now for sale! I will be donating a portion of each sale to the Red Cross on top of what Mike and I have donated.

This bag is knit in the lovely self-striping Karaoke yarn* by South West Trading Company (or any other felting yarn of your choice), this bag features:


(thus the name B-4)

Click on the button on the sidebar to see other versions of this bag (knit in different yarns) and the paypal button to order.


*PS...I just went to SWTC's website and saw there was a link on the left sidebar that says "Free Knitting Needles". If you click on that it will lead you to a coupon that you can use to get a free set of size 7 bamboo needles when you send in the UPCs or ball bands from 6 skeins of Karaoke. They are promoting the new Karaoke yarn. Cool beans!

I'm sure I don't have my ball bands anymore from making my 2 test purses from Karaoke, but thought I'd send the info just need to knit 2 of these bags (one for you, and one for someone you love... Christmas IS coming, you know......) to get a free set of needles.

Free is good!


Joan said...

What great bags. I'll be ordering both in a few days. A knitter can't have too many bags and these are very unique. Cool!

Anonymous said...

You are just immensely talented - that bag is a work of art!


Debbie said...

Absolutely beautiful. Could you please be a bit more specific on which blogs might have photos of your bag in other yarns??

Already ordered it. No doubt, one I had to have and will make.
Thank you

Mz Mar said...

I'm thinking I "need" this one too!! I was thiking of another Panes bag but maybe doing something different would be more fun!!