Sunday, April 16, 2006

Spring Break!

We're taking the kids to The Great Wolf Lodge for a few days. Should be a blast. I have a feeling we will be in a constant state of "prune" from many hours in the waterpark. Of course I have made a list of all the yarn stores within a 100 mile radius, and hopefully can sneak out while everyone is splashing around (they won't miss me, right?) and check out at least the closest ones.

If you order a pattern while I am gone, please be aware it may be a few days until I get it sent to you. I will take my laptop with me, but am not sure if we will have internet connection. If we do, I'll get your PDF file to you right away. If not, Thursday or Friday will be when I get caught up on them.

I think some sock knitting will be coming with me. I believe Trekking XXL Color #134 will be my choice. It's a summery blend of lime, pink, turquoise, peach and baby blue. I think this is a new Trekking color. Love it!

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Kathy Dawkins said...

And Trish stopped by our shop, Inish Knits, on Wednesday. I had a great time talking to her and picking her brain about the B-4 purse pattern. Love it and now I had the chance to meet her!

Thanks Trish.