Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Knit Knit Knit....

....and I can't show you a bit!

That's one thing I dislike about holiday knitting...not being able to show it off here! I am working feverishly, and trying to get as much done as possible without totally burning out. I think everyone I have knit for so far reads my blog, so no progress can be shown. Drats.

I'm fitting in some holiday shopping too, but doing as much as possible online. So many places offer free shipping so why go out in the madness, spend time and gas to get to the mall, when you can sit in your jammies in the middle of the night, clicking buttons, and a few days later the man in brown brings it right to your door? Why indeed. I know some people enjoy the shopping gets them in the holiday spirit. Me? Nah.....I avoid it at all costs.

Not much else to report ... just thought I'd pop in and say HI!

Now, back to the previously scheduled program knitting.

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