Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Happy Spring!

Finally, the first day of spring!
Ok, technically not until later today.... not the first FULL day of spring.....

Soon, things in Michigan will be in bloom.

Well, we can hope....
there could still be more wintry weather looming in April...

Having the last name "Bloom" lets me find many things with that word on it.
Here are a few of the things I've gathered.

Many have been gifts from my sister who makes a point of
finding bloomin' gifts for me!

This set graces my mantel every spring:*********
This sign is in our 'garden themed' bathroom.

I thought it was appropriate to see as we step out of the shower :-)

This cute little ducky is also a springtime decoration in our living room.
He brings orange jelly beans!

A garden stake.... Or what I might say to my husband if he's in the doghouse :-)

This year's Valentine's Day flag: ********
This sign is in our entryway:
Bloom wine!
I'll plant something in this little flower pot soon
Also a flower pot, put into use for pens/pencils for many years now

Sweatshirt from Bloomindales
Keychain from my friend, Maria

If spring weather has not arrived in your neck of the woods quite yet, I hope it shows up soon. It was well into January when we finally felt it was winter here, so it wasn't a long winter, but it sure was cold, and I'm SO READY for
Bloomin' Spring!!!!


Maria said...

LOL,I forgot all about that keychain. How nice that you still have it! Hope spring blooms fully for you soon! Here in Southern California we are having some rain after warm weather earlier this month.

Jane said...

I really enjoyed seeing all your "blooms!"

Kimbob said...

this one was a fun one to read for me. lots of things i recognize :) too bad i can't share in all the fun last name things any more. And, rather than spring weather, my name brings a rather icy form of precipitation. :)

ANDREA! said...

You posted this on my birthday!!
I'm at school and it is 8:36 PM