Monday, March 26, 2007

Sweet Spring Spinning

Today started with early morning thunder and lightning, (I love a good storm during the night.....) but the storm had passed by the time I got up. It turned out to be a beautiful, very warm March day. It was a record breaking 81, which is WAY more than the 48 that is average for this time of year!

I had some errands to run this afternoon and each time I got out of my car or came out of the store or the school, I was shocked by how warm it was, since it was such a sudden warm-up rather than a more gradual one.

After dinner, as the sun started to fall in the west, it shone on my front porch. I grabbed my wheel (which I have finally given the name of Ella) and took her outside for about 30 minutes of spinning in the fresh air and sunshine.

I can see many more hours in the future, Ella and I on the porch, doin' our thing.


Dana said...

There is definitely nothing better than spinning outside. My spinning friends and I are thinking of doing a "spinning in the park" as soon as the weather becomes a little more consistent. That is true relaxation!

ColorJoy LynnH said...

I have a great porch and love to spin out there. It's too bad that means I almost never spin in the wintertime, sigh.

I am in high gear preparing to teach in Dallas but I have one week of "down time" after that, before we go to sing in NYC. If the weather cooperates it would be very cool to spin on the porch that week! Thanks for the reminder.

So how was Ann Arbor? I did have a good class at Threadbear, will plan to drive to Oak Park Tuesday if I get my taxes finished today.