Thursday, April 05, 2007


We know in our brains...we know "it" will happen. We get that burst of warm weather in early spring. We get all excited. We bring out the shorts. We put away the woolens.

We spin on the porch in the setting evening sun.

Even though we know "it" will happen. After all, this is Michigan...

In the week that followed 2 days of 81 degree record-breaking temps and in the same week it was 70 degrees ..."it" happened.

This is what is going on outside my window as I type


Happy Easter!

Oh, and look at these cute little sheepy candies I found at the drugstore!


Jane said...

Oh no! Well, it figures. It's going to be 30 here on Sunday morning, apparently breaking a 110-year old record. But at least it's not snowing (yet.) Hope you get back to the porch soon!

Carrie said...

Yeah, I was trying to explain 'it' to my kids today. They think that 'it' is most unfair...