Thursday, May 31, 2007

Big Weekend Ahead!

Tomorrow afternoon Kim and I will be on our way to Columbus for TNNA. I have no idea what to expect, besides sore feet. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and pressed for time, trying to get things done before leaving. I don't even have any idea what clothes I'm bringing! I've been so focussed on finishing up my new pattern. I'm just about there. I need a few more photos for the pattern, and still need to finish formatting the print version. I really want to have this done before hitting the road tomorrow so I can add it to my (very small, but growing) catalog of patterns.

Here is a sneak preview. Hopefully I can announce the launch later today!

I'm really getting excited about the prospect of having my B4 Bag on display at TNNA. Please cross your fingers (whenever you're not knitting) that it will be seen by many, will be received well, and ORDERED OFTEN!!! I am hoping my new design will be a hit also. (I am trying to pay off an Ashford Joy spinning wheel and would love to be able to do that in a few weeks!)

One of my wholesale customers emailed me yesterday with a design request, and it's a great idea. So I'll have something new to work on when I get back.

I'll bring my laptop with me and try to post over the weekend with some of our experiences.

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