Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lazy Dayz of Summer

Ok, it's technically not summmer yet, not according to the calendar. But the thermometer? Oh yeah, it's stuck firmly at SCORCHING. This has been the hottest spring I can remember, and I can only imagine what this summer will be like if the current trend continues.

If I'm not mistaken, we have not had rain since Memorial Day weekend. The grass is turning brown....the ground is rock hard. If given enough watering, the veggie garden should do very well.

Today I did not get dressed. I went right from my PJs to my bathing suit. Granted, this did not happen until mid-afternoon since I spent the morning baking muffins, cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry etc. By then I had worked up a sweat glistening dew and went for a dip in the pool.

From there I hit the hammock with my book for a while. There was a nice breeze, and I was in the shade on the porch, so it was quite pleasant. I thought about a little nap, but it didn't happen. I stayed in my bathing suit, and will go from my suit right back to PJs after I get in the shower.

We grilled some burgers for dinner, ate out on the back deck. I read some more after dinner, then worked on the shop sample of my new scarf pattern that I am doing for Threadbear in Lansing. I got the main part of the scarf finished and am now working on the flowers. I'm hoping to have it blocked and ready to send in the mail early next week.

It's been a pretty relaxing summer day once the busy-ness of the morning was over. Thankfully the humidity is low, so we have been able to keep the house open and even though we've been at or near 90 quite a few times already this spring, we have yet to turn on the A/C. It's a little warmer than I like upstairs in the evening when we go up, and once it gets unbearable, the A/C will go on.

There's no relief in sight.....either with the temps or the lack of rain. Any mention of showers is a very small chance. Maybe we'll get lucky. The garden could use a not provided by the sprinkler.

Jake is starting his permanent state of puckered fingers and toes from spending so much time in the pool. There have been several summers in recent years that the pool rarely got used. That will not be the case this year.

I'm thinking of jazzing up the pool this year. (We have a 24' round above-ground pool.) We've had the pool for almost 20 years. We brought it with us from the last house we lived at, and we've been here 14 years. I think we put it in our second year at the old house and we were there 6 years. Anyway, the outer wall used to be a blue-ish gray woodgrain which has faded to almost white except right up under the top rail where you can still see the woodgrain.

Mike repainted the top rails this year (white) and I'm so sick of looking at the tired, faded side wall that I'm thinking it needs to get painted lime green, with bright pink or purple supports. Rustoleum has some really cool colors now, and I've gotten the go-ahead from Mike, so I'll post pix if/when I do it. I'm excited! (I'm trying really hard to restrain myself from thinking about polka dots.....)


Life's a Stitch said...

It's so cold here our heat kicked on. Send some of that heat this way, please,

Kim Smith said...

Oh Polka Dots on the pool -- DO IT!! It would be so cute!

Anonymous said...
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