Sunday, September 02, 2007


Time to catch up with a little bit of this and that. Some knitting content, and just some other "stuff".

Last week I was pretty sick. Monday started out fine, but by the time I left a physical therapy appointment around noon, I could feel that little scratchy feeling in my throat that I always get right before I get sick. By mid-afternoon I was feeling pretty bad. Tuesday I spent all day on the couch. I was able to knit, but that's about all I did. This scarf is what came of that day on the couch. I just love the pattern. I used Karaoke...just about 2 skeins.

Wednesday I couldn't even get out of bed. I laid there, unable to do anything but doze and watch a little tv. I finally dragged my butt out of bed at 5 pm because Mike had come home from work and cooked some dinner and it really smelled good. I took a shower, ate, went to the couch for the rest of the evening.

Thursday I was able to come out of the bedroom, but once again, only made it to the couch for the day. I intended to go to the clinic for some meds, but couldn't even find the energy to get dressed and drive there, so I just laid on the couch in my jammies. No energy for knitting. UGH

Friday I felt slightly better (I was supposed to work, but when I called Tina on Thursday, the first thing she said when she heard my voice was STAY HOME!). I did a quick grocery run, and quickly realized that was overdoing it and had a bit of a relapse. I started feeling better on Sunday. Every day this week I felt a little better. I'm feeling fine now, though I am still coughing a bit and probably will for a while. I sure hope I don't catch THAT bug again anytime soon!


This past Thursday I went to (hopefully) my last physical therapy session for my knee. I've been dealing with pain, loss of mobility and strength and a few other symptoms, since February. At the end of June I finally decided it was not going to get better on its own and saw a doctor, who prescribed physical therapy. I was a little skeptical about the PT at first, but I have to say I have come a long way in the 9 weeks of therapy. My strength and mobility have come back. Unfortunately I still have some pain, and it's time to accept the fact that I may need surgery to correct what my therapists think is a small tear in the meniscus. I am going to see how I do in the next few weeks with no more therapy, and see if I can live with things the way they are, or bite the bullet and get an MRI, and see the orthopedist for a diagnosis and course of action. For now I am just glad to not have to schedule my days around 3 sessions every week. And I am so glad to be able to walk without limping, go up and down the stairs normally again, etc. Thanks to all the folks at Health Quest who helped me get my knee back in shape. It's not 100%, but they have done all they can for me for now. I will continue to do some exercises at home to keep up the strength and see how it goes.


Thursday was also the ribbon cutting ceremony/grand opening celebration at Labor of Love. This picture is of Tina and mostly Chamber of Commerce members that came to the opening to show support for the new business venture in town.Several members of my knitting group later joined in on the fun. We had some refreshments and chatted for a while. Debbie was there and I'm not sure when she'll be joining us again because she is due to have her baby this week! I'm so excited!

Friday morning Mike and Jake left to go camping. Kaitlyn and I stayed home. I worked on Friday and was supposed to work again today but Tina told me she didn't think she'd need me after all. So I spent most of the day knitting. I really need to finish up the Garden Gate scarf that I am making for SWTC out of Bamboo and Karaoke. It's been in the works for quite a while, and I really want to finish it up and get it to them. I've had to put it aside for several other projects (mainly baby items, but also the B4 bag I made for the shop) and it's time to get it done and in the mail!!


This weekend is the Peach Festival in our little town. I try to stay away from the madness that takes over the downtown area, but decided I needed to go to the used book sale this afternoon. I scored these 2 knitting books for a mere 50 cents each! I love Nancie Wiseman's designs, and I couldn't pass up the Jo Sharp book for that price. I'm not sure I'll do anything out of that book, so it may be offered up as part of a contest prize at some point.

This week I really REALLY want to start a pair of socks from Cat Bordhi's new book. I think the Coriolis socks are going to be the first ones I do. I just have to decide what yarn I want to use. I seriously want to knit every pair of socks in that book. It is so incredible. I find it so interesting the way her brain works.

I have more than a dozen sets of letter markers made up, and hopefully will have them on my website within the next few days. Maybe even tomorrow I"ll be able to post them. Let me know if you need some! I've already sold a couple sets.


I can't believe that school starts the day after tomorrow. Is summer really over? WAH! I don't want it to be over! On the other hand, I am kind of looking forward to some quiet time at home on the days when I won't be working or teaching. I have a few new designs floating around in my head that I need to start playing around with. I need add to and update my website. I have work to do, and I hope to find some time to do some pleasure knitting too. The holidays are coming, and I want to knit some gifts, but I really want to find/make time to knit something for ME for a change!


Jane said...

I'm so glad you are finally feeling better, and that you've gotten such good results with the PT. Hopefully, you won't need the surgery, and the pain will go away. You know I love that scarf!

Suzie said...

Hi - I've just (finally!) ordered the pattern for your felted bag, and discovered your blog - two good things in a day! The scarf is beautiful, but either I missed the part where you said which colorway you used of the Karaoke yarn, or you didn't say. In either case, could you pleae say which one?

Gratefully yours,