Thursday, November 01, 2007

WNIC, I boycott you!

It's wrong. It's plain, downright WRONG!

I was sitting at the corner with Jake this morning waiting for the bus. He decided to flip channels on the radio and what did we hear? CHRISTMAS MUSIC!

Excuse is ONE DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN. It is WEEKS UNTIL THANKSGIVING... I realize that Target probably has Easter decorations in the aisles right now (pretty soon the seasons are going to lap themselves and we'll be back on track) BUT IT'S NOT TIME FOR CHRISTMAS MUSIC YET!

I yelled NO! And pushed another button on the radio. Jake thought it was funny and kept turning on "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" (NO it's NOT!...the leaves are just falling...after all, it's FALL!!) So I kept turning it off and saying "NO! It's not time for this!"

Why do we have to push it? Remember the days when the Christmas decorations didn't show up in the stores until the day after Thanksgiving? These days the school supplies are barely out of the stores and the Christmas trees go up. Please...time goes by fast enough without hurrying it along like this.

I love Christmas as much as the next person, don't get me wrong. I'm the first one up on Christmas morning, long before the kids...I turn on the tree lights, put on some Christmas music (yes, THIS is an appropriate time to listen to it) and wait for the fun to begin.

But 2 whole months of Christmas music? I'd be gagging on it by the time the first flakes fly. It's just not right...

So WNIC....HO-HO-HOLD OFF! (and just so you know, I won't be listening to your station until December!)

Now, back to our regularly scheduled AUTUMN activities.....

( holiday knitting....maybe I'm so upset by this because I am woefully behind in this department????)


Anonymous said...

Christmas music was playing at Babie R Us today - bleh!

Jane said...

I'm with you on that. I hate it that it all starts so soon. To me, Santa is supposed to come at the end of the Thanksgiving Day Parade, followed by all the store decorations being put up. Macy's has had their tree department up for at least a month. Phooey!

Anonymous said...

I had the exact same reaction this morning when I flipped to WNIC! It's way too early for Christmas music!

Karen said...

I agree it is way too early for holiday music. I'm used to beginning the holiday after Thanksgiving. It is becoming so commercialized anymore. By Halloween they have everything out in the stores for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It never used to be.
The old times are way better.

Donna Lee said...

We have 2 radio stations that purposely play holiday music starting Nov 1 and only holiday music until Christmas. It is awful. I talked to a Hallmark rep once about why the Valentine's cards were going up the week after Christmas. She said, "what else am i going to do with all the empty shelf space?"

Wade said...


You don't know me but I couldn't help but notice when I tripped over your blog that you and I had almost the exact same post post on the exact same day - freaky weird, ey?

I too find pre-emptive Christmas celebrations too difficult to deal with! What this country needs is a good ol' fashioned boycott!

Great blog, by the way!


Anonymous said...

Well the must be doing it for a reason. They wouldn't keep doing it if it didn't make the bottom line increase and we all know the bottom line is money! Sad but true.