Friday, February 29, 2008

Good Bye Joe

Today I said tearful good-bye to Joe. I laid my hand on his beautiful oak casket, leaving him with my hand print, and my heart print.

Joe, and his lovely wife Lillia, were my Godparents. They were my mom and dad's best friends for over 50 years. They have been a huge part of my history, and I have so many fond memories. Besides my own family, they and their children are the only ones I can think of who I have known from the very beginning of my life. Growing up, we lived close enough together to see them all the time. Neither my parents or Joe and Lillia moved from those houses, so they remained close in proximity and close friends over the years.

As you can see from this photo, Joe was a firefighter. Actually a Fire Chief at the end of his career. My dad was the photographer of this portrait (I think back in the 60s). Joe didn't really change much from this picture. His hair turned gray (but he always had quite a head of thick, wavy hair, even at the end) and he acquired a few more wrinkles laugh lines, but he stayed just as handsome as he was back then.

I spent time remininscing with Joe and Lillia's children last night at the visitation, and it really brought home that this is an end of something that was always a constant in my life. Things certainly changed when Lillia passed a few years ago, but now with Joe gone.... well......

Joe lived a good, long life (82 years).

Godspeed, Joe. I'll miss you.

(P.S. Say hi to Lillia)


Jane said...

Oh, Trish, I'm so sorry for your loss. May your many happy memories bring you comfort.

Maria said...

What a beautiful tribute. I'm glad you got to visit with Joe and Lillia's family. I am sure you were a comfort to them during this time. What a wonderful photo your father took. Joe's face reflects such character. I'm sorry for your loss, my friend.

ColorJoy LynnH said...

Wow, Trish. There is no good way to say goodbye. It hurts, and it should. Tears are a tribute, if and when they fall. With me, they fall and they continue to sneak up on me at odd times long after others expect they might.

I lost a friend last week, too. Age 52. We worked together twice, she was my supervisor for about 4 years. A good person. A steady, dependable person who could also laugh.

She was a vegetarian and taught me so much about good food. She loaned me a cookbook once about root vegetables and told me how important they are for mineral intake for vegetarians who pay attention. I bought a copy of that book and am devouring it these days of no grains.

She introduced me to my friend Robert who was killed almost a year ago. I knew them both for 20 years. I understand, when a pair of folks who belong together, both leave our lives, it's a bit like bookends... where we can't open up the books in between them any more.

So sorry. Do what you can to be gentle with yourself.

Pooch said...

My sympathy to you. The loss of loved ones burns into us, yet we carry memories of them always.
God bless.

Christine said...

I'm sorry for the loss of Joe - and for the missing of Lillia that is coming around again. You describe him with such heart - it's obvious that he was a special person in your life. {{{{Trish}}}}