Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hooray for Jacob!

Today the top 15 fifth-grade spellers in Jake's school competed in their final Spelling Bee to determine who would represent the school at the district Bee. Guess who was the winner!?!?! Yep, Jacob! We're so proud of him. He was just beaming when he came home from school today.
Jake said when the principal made the announcement to the students on the PA today, he commented that the spellers were so good that at the end they had to break out the 6th grade spelling words. Jake's winning word was 'antibiotic'.
He and the runner up will compete against 10 others from the other 5 elementary schools in our district. Jake is pretty confident...he has not spelled a single word wrong in all of the classroom spelling bees all year. WTG Jacob! Good luck at the District Spelling Bee!


Jane said...

Congratulations, Jacob! That's really great.

Maria said...

Big congrats to Jacob! That's a huge accomplishment!!!

Good luck at the district level too!

Karen said...

Congratulations to Jake!! That is so awesome.

Christine said...

WTG Jake!!!!! What a fantastic acheivement! Keep us updated on his progress as he moves along!

The book premiere sounds like it was a great time - I loved the cupcakes ;-) BEAUTIFUL scarf (can't wait to see the jacket!)!