Saturday, August 30, 2008

Moving on....

The bruises have faded.

The horrible sounds and memories of the crash are replaying in my mind less often.

I'm starting to get over the sadness of losing the car I loved so much. Well, I WAS starting to get over it. Yesterday, I saw another green xB in my town. They were a limited edition, are very rare, and I have never seen another one in the Romeo area. I have not seen another one ANYwhere in over a year. Yet yesterday I had to spot one coming down the road. It was like a knife to the heart. With a twist. 

I still freak out a bit when I see cars pulling up to intersections, hoping they'll stop. I am much more aware of every car around me and what they're doing, and trying to second guess their every move. It's rather nerve-wracking. I'm sure this will eventually pass, though I will continue to be more careful and aware.

I continue to be thankful and feel blessed about my lack of injury and pain. That is most important in this whole situation. (But I still want my car back, dammit)

I guess you never realize how much you rely on your transportation until you are suddenly without wheels, without warning. I am so lucky to have a neighbor/friend who was so generous and lent me her car throughout the week. I was able to do most of the things I would have normally done, and my inconvenience was greatly reduced because of her. Thanks Donna!

I got my new car on Wednesday. It's kind of cute (NOT as cute as my xB). It's a cool color (NOT as cool as my xB's green) and I guess I'm happy. When I got the insurance check, I paid off the loan on my xB and had some money left over. I got a good interest rate on the new car, and my payments are less than what I was paying on the xB,  even with no money down. So I'm not out anything, financially, because of this accident. No, my losses are emotional rather than financial or physical. 

Notice I am calling my old car "the xB" rather than Yarnbox. The reason? Because my new car will also be Yarnbox, until May. I had renewed my personalized plate in the spring, and decided to just transfer the plate for now, rather than have to pay the full fee again so soon. I have a temporary in my window for now, because I haven't been able to bring myself to put that plate on my new car yet. It feels like it's a Yarnbox imposter. I have 2 weeks to break down and do it. 

So, here it is. My 2009 Chevy Aveo5 2LT. She's got some features that the xB didn't have. I'm thinking I might need to have a sunroof put in, just to make me feel a little better (and because I deserve it, right?) 
The color is actually prettier than what it shows in this photo. I haven't had a chance to get a better picture, due to weather issues.  Weather...that means there is now mud splashed on my new car. We are supposed to have 5 days of sun (and HEAT) now, so she'll be getting clean again today. I may be taking her for a little road trip this weekend. Depends on if I head to the lake when Mike and Jake leave this afternoon, or if I wait until morning to go. 

Happy Holiday Weekend, everyone! Have fun, and stay safe! 

ps...this car has side airbags, and OnStar, which both make me feel much better.


Jane said...

After surviving a rollover crash, the least you deserve is a sunroof! Go for it and enjoy. It's s cute car.

Terri said...

Don't know if it helps or not, but my sister owns an xB with rally stripes (we haven't ever seen another) and she's a knitter! So there's a YarnBox, sort of, still out there.. no special plate though as they cost too much in NY state. Originally she was looking at an Aveo, but decided she needed more room. I'm sure you're going to enjoy the gas millage and perhaps that'll add some funds to your yarn stash kitty?? (Trying to be positive here)

ColorJoy LynnH said...

Well, it is indeed cute. I understand, though... I love my car but wish it were purple. If I'd had the perfect shape *and* the perfect color for me, I'd grieve its loss no matter when.

Now remember to be nice to yourself while you readjust. Driving will be a challenge for a while so take it easy!