Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget....

I am thinking back to the morning of September 11, seven years ago, and the days that followed. I remember thinking how life would never be the same. I remember feeling "stuck" for weeks. I had a hard time going about my daily tasks. I felt so guilty about being able to do the simplest of things, when so many were suffering and when so many were taken from us in that horrendous act of terror. 

We've all gone back to living our daily lives. Years later the memories are not as clear or as painful. But let us never forget those who were lost, or those who took them from this world. 

This morning people will stop for a moment of silence to honor those whose lives were taken, and we will also mourn the loss of our lives as they were before that tragic morning 7 years ago.

There will also be mourning of a different kind today at my daughter's high school. A student was killed in an accident yesterday on the way to school. She was a senior, at the beginning of a school year that brings so many special moments. Her classmates are going to have a rough day today, dealing with her death, realizing how fragile life really is. Kaitlyn has known her since middle school. I can't imagine what her parents and close friends are going through this morning, especially the 4 other students who were involved in the accident. 

Please drive safely. People are in such a hurry, or talking on cell phones, or texting, or just being careless. I have been hypersensitive to these things since my own accident 3 weeks ago. Slow down, people.... stop for that yellow light instead of running the red light. Make sure there is no one coming before pulling away from a stop sign. Pull over to use your cell phone. Don't drive down the freeway typing text messages. Seriously... is it worth losing your life or taking someone else's? Just slow down and be careful! 

~Chelsea Pascoe~ rest in peace. 

~America~ pray for peace.


Jane said...

Oh, how ssd. Unfortunately, that kind of accident involving teenagers happens all too frequently here.

Maria said...

Amen, Trish, amen. I'm sorry for the loss of Chelsea's life. Her death is a reminder to all of us to cherish our family. And to us moms of teenagers, a special reminder to hug them close and love them unconditionally.

Sharon said...

Trish, I've just caught up with your last five posts. A lot of upheaval for you lately. Take very good care of yourself.