Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sweet McKenna

Words are not really necessary. This face says it all!

McKenna continues to do very well. She's reaching milestones, gaining weight, and we are all hoping her stay in the NICU will be over soon. She has changed SO much since she was born, looking better (and cuter!) every day! She is loved by so many. Thanks again, everyone, for your continued prayers. They are working!

I am one proud Grandma!


Kim S. said...

Oh she's beautiful. It would be SO great if she got to come home before the next shower so we could meet her!

Jane said...

What a sweetie! And growing like a weed, too. Yay!

ColorJoy LynnH said...

Awww, what an inquisitive pair of eyes on that bay-bee!!! So happy all is progressing as needed.


sharon said...

What a sweetie-pie! And obviously a fighter too. Granddaughters are a delight. (I'm quite sure grandsons are equally delightful.)