Saturday, August 28, 2004

My 6th Pair of Felted Clogs

Jake's clogs before felting Posted by Hello

Jake's clogs after felting Posted by Hello

As promised, I knit these clogs (Pattern from Fibertends) for Jake during our trip to Florida last week. I started them on the flight down there, and finished them up in time to felt them before we came home. My BIL, SIL and nieces all thought it was amazing how they turned out. They were not familiar with the magic of felting and were not too thrilled with how they looked knit up, until they saw them come out of the washer.

They just fit him, so I am thinking I will need to knit him a new pair each year. This was the extra large child's size though, so the next pair will have to be felted a little less time so they are a little bigger. I could have taken these out a little bit earlier, but I guess I didn't realize how big my baby's feet have gotten!

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