Saturday, August 28, 2004

Me? A Teacher?

A couple days ago I popped into the new LYS while Kaitlyn was at the orthodontist. The first thing the owner said to me was that she needed to place another order for beaded stitch markers and pens that I had been selling in the shop for a couple of weeks. This was the first good news!

Then I pulled out the 2nd Baby Suprise Jacket that I am knitting for the shower next weekend. Before I knew it, she was asking me if I wanted to teach a class featuring this pattern! Me! Teaching a class?!?!? Hmmm....ok, I guess!

So we sat down and worked out the details. She wanted a morning and an evening series, each one consisting of 4 classes of 2 hours each. These will start mid-September. After talking some more, we thought a Kool Aid Dyeing class would be fun, so we have tentatively set up 2 Saturday afternoons for those (so the kidlets can come and play too, if they want)

By the time I left, I was committed to 2o hours of teaching time!

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Sharon said...

Hey Trish, where in Michigan are you? I'm in Lansing. Welcome to the world of knitbloggers, and thanks for the sidebar link. I've returned the favor.