Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Here Comes The Bride

Wow, I've got weddings on my mind. First of all, my daughter's boyfriend proposed to her during their trip to Cancun about 10 days ago. I knew this was coming, but now reality has hit and I'm going to be "Mother of the Bride" !! It's going to be a crazy, whirlwind year...but it's going to be fun!

Also, this week my project is going to be making a bridal veil for my niece, Kelly. Her wedding to Brian is Oct. 1. I met with her last night and together we picked out what I need to create for her, what I'm hoping will be exactly what she had in mind , and that she'll know how much love I'm putting into it. I think it's going to be lovely. Let's see how long it takes me to put all those crystal rhinestones in place! LOL Of course after it's done I'll be posting a picture or two.


Ingrid said...

My future daughter-in-law just asked me what I thought about a crocheted bridal veil. I've been searching for patterns and don't seem to come up with anything and in my searching found your comments. Please let me know how your veil for your niece came out and if you would be willing to share the pattern. Thanks so much!

Trish said...

Ingrid, I don't have your email to write back so hopefully you'll come back here and see this. I did not crochet the veil...I got some tulle and made a double layered veil, using clear combs at the top to put in her hair. I put a little poof around the combs. I then painstakingly glued crystals to both layers of the tulle. I could only do a small section at a time, letting each section dry before going on to the next, so as to not smear the wet glue.

Perhaps you could modify a lacy pattern and work something out. Sorry I couldn't help more!