Monday, September 06, 2004

Over already?

Wow, this holiday weekend went by WAY too fast. I had plans to get SO much done while my hubby was camping with the kids. Well, I did get a fair bit done, but my ideas and reality didn't quite mesh.

I spent Saturday evening knitting a hat to match the Baby Surprise. I did get some beading orders finished up so I can get paid for those, made some more beaded stitch markers ....and last night when my eyes couldn't take any more beading, I played around with combining some Kool Aid colors to get something a little less NEON BRIGHT and more fall colors. I had some success and ended up with a burnt orange, and 2 shades of brown which I really like.

The baby shower was nice yesterday. The Baby Surprise Jacket and matching hat got rave reviews. Everyone loved the colors. Lots of OOooooohs and AAaaaahhhhs.

It's been really hot this weekend, and I attribute that to the fact that hubby closed the pool for the season on Friday. Happens every time. We had such a lousy summer, swim-wise. I think I got in the pool 3 times the whole year. In fact, I commented the other day that I swam more in 6 days in Alaska than I did all summer here. Go figger. Speaking of Alaska....I wanna go back! Wahhhhh!

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