Monday, February 21, 2005

New project!

Here is my latest project. Tamara was knitting a beaded bracelet at our Borders knitting group on Thursday and I was intrigued. I went online and found the pattern on HGTV--Carol Duvall and then yesterday hunted around until I found some 000 knitting needles (which I never thought I would buy a needle that small, but then, I said the same thing about the 3s, then 2s then 1s when I started knitting socks) and the On The Surface metallic thread and just went with it! It's fun! I'm going to try a couple different variations. I want to try a thicker rope so will add a couple stitches to my next one. I've since finished the pink/green one and added a toggle clasp to it instead of attaching it together. I like the idea, but I don't think I executed it quite right and so I'll work on that a bit too.

UPDATE: I tried working with 4 stitches instead of 3, thinking it would give me a thicker round bracelet, but it didn't want to twist, so I went back to 3 stitches (2 beads per row). However, I had threaded my beads in sets of 3 thinking I was going to have 3 beads per row, so now my rows are alternating solid and mixed. Oh well, I won't get the nice spiral colored effect of the pink and green, but I think it will still turn out ok. This one is lime and turquoise. Pictures to follow.

Meanwhile I am trying like heck to finish up all my projects for my upcoming classes so I can submit the info to Vicky for the newsletter. I guess I should get back to that so I have a least some of it ready to give her when I go to work in the morning.

The kids are home from school again today. They've only gone one day in the last 10. Last Monday school was cancelled because of ice. They went on Tuesday, then were off the rest of the week for mid-winter break. Today they were SUPPOSED TO go back. We really got dumped on yesterday, all day long and ended up with about 8" of snow, with some sleet/freezing rain overnight. I'm so ready to send them back! ;-)


Jane said...

Those bracelets are really cute - and I applaud you for having the courage to try those tiny needles Suppose I shouln't mention that it's 70 here today. (sorry)

Julie said...

Awesome bracelet! I'll have to try that one. Thanks for the link. :)