Saturday, April 09, 2005

This is cool!

I'm excited! I'm geeked! I'm a designer!

After about 3 months of knitting, composing, arranging for test knitters, tweeking the pattern, etc, I finally got my pattern printed, copies made of the photo, inserted them into the sheet protectors, and it's official! My first pattern design is for sale!!

Here is a better photo of the bag, as the pattern is now written. It has a round bottom and a drawstring top. I'm calling it the "Panes" Bag because as I started knitting it, the pattern looked like window panes to me.

My test knitters did a slightly different version...a little bit shorter with slightly different pattern repeats and a slight change to the bottom circle. They are all really different from each other and all came out really great. You can see Jane's version on her blog. Also seen there are my first version (the one with purple as its main color) and the one my sister Diane did (the black/Kool-Aid colors one with the cool handles!) I also have photos of one that my friend Deb did, and will be posting them all together in a gallery.

Anyway, this morning I took a handful of the patterns up to the yarn store where I work, priced them, and put them in the binder with the other patterns. I feel so special :-)

I am going to set up a separate page to sell them online, where you can buy the pattern with a paypal payment and I will email you a .PDF file containing the pattern and photo. In the email will also be the other photos from my test knitters, before and after felting photos, etc. I hope to do this in the next day or two (or three). If you prefer to buy a hard copy version rather than downloading it and printing it yourself, I can certainly do that too. Email me if you'd like one.

I am currently working on a shawl pattern done in Noro Blossom. Hopefully it will not take me as long to work out the kinks this time, now that I have a little tiny bit of experience.


um said...

wow, that bag is awesome! congrats on your first for-sale pattern! it is absolutely stunning!

abby said...

Love your bag! I came here via Quiddity. So so great. I think I'm definitely gonna have to get one. Payday is coming up soooooon!

kweaver said...

Congrats! The pattern looks great

JinxedMinx said...

Hey! I came here from Abby's site! :) You must have talked about the bag on Thursday - the day I missed! Bring copies for sale to the next meet up, can ya? Congrats on your pattern - and it looks so fun to make!


Tori said...

I saw a picture of that bag earlier when I was online and thought it was so cool! Wow Awesome job! I'm glad I know how to get one now too :-).

Kim said...

Trish, it's gorgeous! Congratulations -- you ARE special! I want to buy the pattern from you on Thursday too, ok?

Elayne said...

The bag is really lovely...and I like the yellow paper you chose for printing...makes for easy reading.

Good job an good luck.