Sunday, October 09, 2005

Busy Weekend

I worked Friday morning, then went home to finish getting ready to be one of the "local designers" featured at an Open House at Heritage Spinning and Weaving in Lake Orion. I had my beaded bookmarks, personalized beaded pens, a few other pieces of jewelry, some eyeglass chains, and my 2 patterns for sale. It was a fun evening, and I was supposed to be there for the Saturday session too, but was unable to make it.

Here are Pat and Miri when they stopped by to pick up a few pens, etc. These are a couple of my knitting buddies from the Thursday night knitting group at Borders. Tamara came too, but she wasn't here for the photo op. I guess I should have taken another one...sorry Tam!

The reason I couldn't be there on Saturday is because Kaitlyn was getting ready to go to her first Homecoming Dance. Oh boy, here we go. Why did they move 9th grade to the high school? I'm not ready for her to be in high school. And going to the homecoming dance. With a boy. With a boy who is a junior. Yikes..... Gotta keep a close eye on her....

They had a good time though, and that's a good thing. Memories in the making....

Today we did some stuff around the house that has been nagging at us yet remaining undone. Stuff like gathering clothes and other stuff for Goodwill. Gathered from many locations. Drawers, bedroom closets, coat closets, here there and everywhere. Threw away a lot of stuff too. Then....Laundry. TONS of laundry. Got the flannel sheets and comforter on Jake's bed because we've had some mighty chilly nights lately. Took a ride this afternoon to the cemetary to visit my MIL's grave. She passed away in April and her birthday was Thursday so it felt right to go. I love how we can see the big angel statue from her resting place. When we got home I baked an apple pie (we picked apples on Thursday). We ordered some broasted chicken for dinner because it was getting late and I didn't feel like doing another darned thing. I am going to go watch some TV in a few, and knit a bit. I am in love with Jo Sharp Silk Road. It is easing its way up to the top of my all-time favorite yarn list...right next to Noro Blossom.

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Tamara said...

Why do you think Tamara was late -- she smelled that camera. ;)