Thursday, October 06, 2005

Contest entry

Pitiful as it is, here is my entry.
(photo taken in the early morning, can you believe the size of the shadows that socks can throw on the deck?)

Jane is having a contest over on her blog. Take picture of all the socks you have knit (that you still have in your possession or can get your hands on) and send her the link, and she'll put you in a drawing for one of several beautiful sock yarns.

I hesitate to even submit this paltry entry, considering Jane has a drawerful....I mean drawer FULL of beautiful handknit socks. The photo doesn't show all of the pairs she's given away. If you go to her sock gallery you'll see that she has knit 25 pairs of socks just so far this year. Yowsa!

And if you're wondering about those 2 balls of Wildefoote at the top of the photo...I included them because Jane asked for photos of all the socks you've knit. Well, she says "finished socks". Those 2 balls were once socks I knit. And finished. (but then frogged because they were too big) So I decided to include them. Maybe I should just find the post that shows them before frogging.... Ok, here they are. Look at the above photo...who knew that those 2 little balls of yarn could produce socks THIS HUGE??
I'm still working on getting just the right beach socks are just a bit big too, but I can live with them. My next pair I am definitely going to make a bit smaller. And someday this pair will once again become a pair of socks ....that fit. Looking at this photo again reminds me of how much I loved this yarn. Maybe I will reknit these socks before tackling any of the other dozen or so sock yarns I have gathered recently...

I'll finish by saying that if you haven't checked out Queen Kahuna's Crazy Toes & Heels book, you really should do so. She has revolutionized the process of knitting socks.

And don't forget to check out Lynn's great sock patterns here.

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