Monday, July 31, 2006

Yarn Harlot comes to Michigan

I must say that yesterday was high up on the list of exciting happenings in my knitterly world.

I travelled to Ann Arbor through construction, lane closures, & unannounced detours with Chris as my co-pilot, and with Rebecca and Jenny bantering back and forth in the back seat. Rebecca and Jenny have been friends since Kindergarten, and their relationship is so much fun to witness. We had a nice 90 minute ride (despite the aforementioned unpleasantries), arriving at the Ann Arbor library about an hour before Stephanie was to make us almost wet ourselves as we were forced into uncontrollable fits of laugher speak and sign books. There were already about 50 or so knitters in the room, so we decided to wait rather than find some lunch and take the chance of not getting a seat when we got back. I don't think I have ever been in the presence of this many knitters at once...what an awesome time! Everywhere you looked there were needles clicking away, mostly socks being knitted. And lots of interesting knitted items adorning the bodies of all the Harlot groupies.

The room soon filled up (about 150 I think) and then the overflow was taken upstairs where they were not able to be in the company of the lovely, hilarious Yarn Harlot. They had to watch on a big screen tv. I don't know how many more knitters were up there, but I'm glad we got to be downstairs (even though it was HOT down there) and experience Stephanie up close and personal. And what an experience she is. Non-stop giggles. Fun Fun FUN!

We waited close to an hour for autographs and pictures. That's me and Stephanie with our socks (just in case you hadn't figured that out....) Those are my Lodge Socks...started when we went to the Great Wolf Lodge for spring break. Now almost finished, thanks to "afterthought heel help" from Lynn. After photos, we walked a couple blocks over to Busy Hands Yarn and Gifts. There was some much appreciated punch and cookies waiting for us (we were parched and beyond hungry at this point...around 5pm) They also had offered coupons for those of us who were at the library for Stephanie's talk/book signing. Rebecca and Jenny found something to bring home, but Chris and I didn't. Oh well, we're all suffering from yarn overload after stocking our stash with bargains because of the closing of our shop.

After shopping we went to Cottage Inn for some Antipasto salad and pizza. Yummy. Then the long drive back home. We stopped for some relief from the sweltering heat frozen custard when we got back on our side of the state. There were so many people there with the same idea. I'm sure Erma's has been raking in the dollars hand over fist in this non-ending inferno. I know it's worse in other parts of the country, but hot is hot, no matter how you slice it.

I saw some familiar faces...Rae and LynnH. (who introduced me to Sarah Peasley, and a few others whose names unfortunately escape me at the apologies to those of you who were sitting and talking to Lynn and Sarah). I saw Jillian again (met her and Amy --of fame-- at Threadbear in May) but didn't get to talk to her yesterday. I saw a few other familiar faces...people I haven't actually met, but must've seen at another knitting event or shopping at one of the LYSs around the state.

All in all it was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. Hell, any day of the week when you get to meet THE knitting guru, is a special day indeed.

Thanks for the laughs, Steph!


Jane said...

Oh, I just knew you were going to have a fabulous time! What a wonderful photo, too.

Rebecca said...

oh wow! what a fun day!! yes, i'm jealous!

speaking of, i threw such a hissy fit, errr, i mean pointed out over and over again how cool your license plates were... hubby bought some for me! pop over and ck em out :D

Twinsanity said...

*waving from Battle Creek*

I just dropped in from Yarn Harlot's comments (I was there on Sunday). I also see that link over there to your 3-Day page. WOO HOO!! Why the cheer? I'm a 3-Dayer too. This year would have been my 3rd, but I had to cancel walking due to recent surgery. :(

If you're interested, here's my blog entry from the 2005 Chicago 3-Day ...

Let me know if I can offer any tips or advice. You can do it!

Diane said...

If ONLY I could have stayed another week! I am so jealous...That's a great pic of the two of you; nice you coordinated your shirt to show off the socks so well! Love you.

Amy Lane said...

Sounds like a nice day-- and a lovely story. (Although I'm sorry to hear about the closing of any yarn shop...)

Sharon said...

I had to rush off as soon as Steph was done. I wish I'd gotten to meet you, Trish.