Friday, August 04, 2006

Down to the Wire

Ok, people, here's the deal. I'm really not comfortable doing this, but I'm getting desperate. I'm going to start pleading and begging. No guilt trips, but just putting things into persepective a bit.

One week from today is the first day of the Michigan 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk. We are scheduled to walk over 21 miles that first day. Same for Saturday. Sunday will be a mere 17 or so miles. Hopefully not in the scorching heat we've all been experiencing lately. (After walking all day, we sleep in 6'x6' pup tents lined up next to each other ...literally touching each other...on a football field somewhere along the route. )

Anyway.... a long walk ahead for daughter Kim...our other 3 teammates, and thousands of others who will walk with us next weekend. And thousands of others walking several different weekends across the country.

We each have to raise $2,200 to walk. We started raising money back in February. Our team has had several large fundraisers and have done fairly well. But we still don't quite have all the money we need. We have another 4 weeks after the walk to come up with any donations we need to get to our $2200.00 goal. If we don't, we must donate the balance ourselves.

SO...I need about $400. I've noticed a very large amount of hits on my blog in the past week or so. LOTS more than 400 of you have come to visit. Perhaps to read about my exciting day listening to Stephanie/Yarn Harlot. Whatever brought you here, you're here now, and all I'm asking for is a dollar. One little dollar. From each of you. Really....that's all.

That's about 1/20 of a pair of Addi Turbos
It's a couple dozen yards of really nice yarn
It's 1/4 of a coffee shop latte
It's 1/5 of a movie rental or 1/10 of a movie theater ticket

It's a drop in the bucket. I need about 400 more drops. Will you help? Please?

Is someone you know a breast cancer survivor?

Is someone you know battling breast cancer right now?

Have you lost someone to breast cancer?

Help me fight this horrible disease.
It touches all of us.
It threatens all of us.

So go on, click that pink ribbon over there on the top of my side bar. Just donate a dollar.

*UPDATE: I didn't realize, when I wrote this post, that there is a $5.00 minimum online donation. I apologize. But I still could use your $5.00 donations. Maybe your dollar and a dollar from 4 of your friends. Whatever works for you. No pressure :-)
I thank you in advance...

and HEY!

As just a little added incentive...I'll make this into a contest. There will be a prize. Every person who donates from this time until Sept. 13 will be entered into a drawing. A $5.00 donation will get you an entry. Every dollar on top of that will get you another entry. OK? Is it a deal?

And spread the word...tell your friends and fellow bloggers. Post the link in your blog if you want. I won't mind...really :-)

PS. If you see that my total has gotten to $2,200.00 by the time you come to donate, please click on "MY TEAM PAGE" and then click on Kim's donation page and give your $5 to her fund. You will still be entered into the contest. (She actually has more money raised than is showing in her total right now, but still needs about $800...$400...and I wouldn't be totally opposed to you giving $5 to both of us...would that be asking too much? You decide. I'm not going to ask...but if you are inclined to do so.....)

(and if you donate to Kim, please drop me an email and let me know, and the amount, so you can get your entries for the contest!)

Come back in about 10 days to read about my journey. I expect this will be an incredible, life changing experience.

If you live in the Metro Detroit area, you really should think about showing up at Opening Ceremonies (Stoney Creek Metro Park), Closing Ceremonies (Metropolitan Beach park) or one of the cheering stations along the way. The cheering stations will be in Shelby and Sterling Heights on Friday, Roseville and Fraser on Saturday, Clinton Township and Mt. Clemens on Sunday. It will move you. You might be inspired to join the walk next year. If you happen to witness the sea of pink this weekend....honk and wave! Email me for the locations of the cheering stations if you're interested!


Bagpuss said...

My mum and me did the Race for Life, a couple of weeks ago, which is a 5km women only race with proceeds going to Cancer Research. I am in awe of you doing a 3 day walk, we were shattered after our mere 5km. I am hoping to get my mum to order the B4 bag pattern pretty soon as i plan to make it for her for xmas and wnt to start early. I would donate but i am a student on benefits as i have ME. Good Luck!

Lauren said...

I came over here from the Yarn Harlot's page and want to wish you the very best of luck with your walk. I truly admire your effort. I've made my entry and eagerly await my prizes! No, really, I just look forward to hearing how the walk goes.

Laura d said...

Hello - I walked last year in MN and this year I am on the crew. Best of luck to you this year on your walk!

Laura D

crazymom said...

I really admire all of you wonderful women that so this. It is such a wonderful cause. Thank you on behalf of my grandmother, who is a survivor of this horrible disease.

laura gayle said...

I'm also here from the Harlot. Hope you make your goal (I did my part!). Good luck on the walk -- I hear that this is just an incredible experience!

Rachael said...

Just sent you a little bit. I did the walk about 4 years ago, and it kinda changed my life. I've never done anything like it, and I went on to run the Aids Marathon (I'd never run a mile before). Enjoy, laugh, cry, and be a good human. You ROCK!

hilary said...

came here from the Yarn Harlot's page -- did the 2-day version (Avon Foundation) in San Francisco last month, so I know the kind of dedication this takes, and had to donate! Good luck with the walk!

Pam said...

Like many others, I'm here from the Harlot -- as a breast cancer survivor (so far so good), knitter, and sometimes blogger, I'll be cheering from a distance. Good luck and have a wonderful time!

Siercia said...

I came over from the Harlot blog, and left you a donation.

Good luck on the walk next weekend. Two of my best friends' mom are breast cancer survivors. I am amazed by people like you who are willing to do these enormous efforts to raise money. Thank you for walking.

Helen said...

Yarn Harlot sent me here ... and I duly reported to your Walk page -- I donated once for you, and once for Kim. I wish I could afford to donate once for each team member....
Walk well and safely! And congrats on raising so much already!

Kelly said...

Glad to help both you and Kim - and glad I found your blog in time! Both of my grandmothers had breast cancer. Thanks for all you're doing, and I hope you have a wonderful experience!

kathy said...

I followed the group from the Harlot's page. I just donated to Kim, since it appeared you had made your goal.

Best of luck on the walk - I donated in memory of a good friend who is truly missed.

Gretchen said...

Yarn Harlot speaks and we listen. (-: Good luck on the walk and raising tons more for this very worthy cause. I just made a contribution on Kim's walk page.

eva said...

Came here from the Harlot... I did the 3-Day last year with a friend, and it was a pretty amazing event. Afterward, I was exhausted, blistered, and probably a bit dehydrated; but I felt good.

I just sent a bit in for Kim's account. Best wishes to both of you.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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