Monday, August 14, 2006

Only ONE blister!!!!

Well, the 3-Day Walk is behind me. Today I feel a bit of a letdown, after it being such a huge part of the past 6 months. With fundraising, training, gathering gear, and psyching myself up for so long...what will I do with myself now? (KNIT????)

This was such an INCREDIBLE experience. Here is a shot of us all starting out our long (often painful, always uplifting and definitely worth it) journey just past sunrise on Friday morning. I will be doing a separate blog about the entire journey, and will post a link to it here.I have lots of pictures!

I want to thank all of you, so much, for your donations to my (and Kim's) fundraising efforts. Also for the moral support offered. It really means a lot to both of us.

The Michigan 3-Day Walk has brought in 5.9 MILLION dollars so far....with still a month to go for funds to come in. AMAZING. We done good, huh?


Bagpuss said...

Very Very Well Done! I hope you are really really proud of your acheivement.

Sarah said...

Congratulations! Now put your feet up and do some knitting!

ThreeOliveMartini said...

very well done.. i have mine coming in oct..

any advice ??

crazymom said...

That is so totally awesome!!! Congrats on making it through. I look forward to reading more about it.

Susan said...

Applause! My hats off to you and to all who came up with the activity. :)