Friday, October 06, 2006

Contest Winners Announced

I've been waiting to hear back from my third place winner but so far...nothing. So I am going to announce my 2 other winners. If I don't hear from the other winner soon, I will be randomly sending the last prize to one of my contributors, without any further announcement here. It'll be a complete surprise if something shows up in your mailbox from me!

I've decided not to post a picture of the loot at this time...I want it to be a surprise when the winners get their package. Perhaps they will post photos on their blogs when the prizes arrive. If not, I will post a picture after I know they have received their goodies.

The first winner is Jenn. Her blog is
That Girl Who Knits.

The second winner is Christine. You can read her blog here---->>
Shteeni's Knits.

Thanks to both of you, and once again, to everyone who helped me reach my goal for the 3-Day Walk!

1 comment:

hilary said...

I'm confused? I thought I was the third place winner, and I've emailed back-and-forth with you. Did my last email not reach you??? -- sorry to comment publicly, but if my email didn't reach you?