Saturday, October 14, 2006


Some good, some not so good.

I'll start with Thursday night. My beloved Yarnbox (
my special edition Scion xB for those of you who are not aware of my obsession with my car) suffered a rear end boo-boo. I won't go into details. Hopefully she'll be good as new soon. I couldn't even bear to look at her yesterday let alone drive her. Poor Yarnie. I did drive her today though....LOTS.... because....

I drove to Lansing and back. Lots of fun in between. My day started VERY early since I needed to be at
Threadbear by 9:30 am. It's just about a 2 hour drive. I had to get up around 5:30. Sorry, but 5:30 and I do not get along well at all. But it was worth it. They were having their "Fall Fling", with several vendors set up around the shop. I was asked to be one of them. Thanks Rob and Matt! I had a great time!

Lynn H. set up right next to me. What fun we had chatting all day long. I just love Lynn. I just love looking at Lynn's handdyed yarns. Today I finally bought a skein. The last of this colorway, ever. I said if it was still on her display at the end of the day, then it was meant to be mine. It was, and it is! Yeah! Well I just tried to get a good picture of it, but flash is not doing it justice. If it's sunny tomorrow I'll get one and show you. It's soooo purdy.

I had a great time, and got home just a few minutes ago. Just in time to see the home run that clinched the Detroit Tigers' place in the World Series. YEAH TIGERS!

Next week should be interesting. I am having surgery on Monday to remove my gallbladder. I have been having symptoms for just about 10 months now. After MANY tests (and MANY dollars that the less-than-wonderful insurance didn't cover) finally they are going to do something about it (costing many MORE dollars that the aforementioned insurance won't cover...ugh) Anyway, even though it's not about the money, it's just a lot of expense at a time when we are still trying to catch up after Mike's layoff this summer.

Be that as it may, please think good thoughts for me Monday around 10 am to noon (EST). Hopefully all will go well and this procedure will indeed cure what ails me. I'm pretty tired of dealing with it by this time.

Wednesday is my birthday. Here's hoping that I am feeling better by then. If not, I'm not going to push it. I'll recover as long as I have to. God knows I have enough yarn to keep me busy for as long as I'm on the couch, ya know? And yes, I will remember the fact that pain meds and fancy-schmancy knitting do NOT mix, unless you love the frog pond.

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