Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend with my Knittin' Buddies

I haven't gotten around to writing about our camping vacation last week yet, but this weekend I am at Bonnymill Inn Bed & Breakfast in Chesaning with 4 members of my knitting group. Here is where I laid my head for 2 nights...what a cute, comfortable room.

Sharon A. and I drove together, and stopped at a great yarn store in Davison on the way. When we got to Bonnymmill, Pat had already arrived, but Sharon and I both needed a little snooze (I had been up since 3 am....don't ask...) Dozed for a bit then met with Sharon A., Pat, and Sharon H. (who arrived while we slept) for dinner in the Bonnymill dining room. Then we knit for a while, and after Sharon A. went up to bed, the rest of us headed down to the Malt Shop for some ice cream. (Seen on the left in the photo below. On the right is the Showboat Restaurant where we went for lunch on Saturday after Tam arrived)

We took over the corner of the very large wrap-around porch for most of 2 days. We had a nice breeze, but unfortunately we were very close to the road and it was quite loud at times. As you can see in the background, the scenery was not the best either, but we didn't really care about that. We had knitting to do and fun times to share!

Many stitches were knit, many laughs were had, a few cocktails were consumed.

Yesterday afternoon there was a wedding on site and we saw the bride and her bridesmaids come out the front door and head down the porch to the back, where there is a gazebo and to where her guests (and groom) were waiting for her. The weather was perfect for a wedding. I didn't take photos to respect their privacy.

We ordered pizza for dinner and it was wonderful. After several more hours of knitting on the porch, we called it a day and headed up to our rooms.

After breakfast this morning, we checked out but stayed on the porch for a while yet, knitting and enjoying the beautiful weather.

We are thinking about the next time we do this...maybe in the winter...maybe somewhere we can sit around a fireplace and knit....what a fun time we had!


tina said...

Well it looked glorious and I must confess that a sneak away with knitting would be really fabulous! The cocktails and snacks were just (no pun intended) icing on the cake! I'm sure you are refreshed and rarin' to go!

Jane said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Carrie said...

Wow, that sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend! How nice!