Sunday, August 19, 2007

FO revealed

Debbie's baby shower was yesterday, so I can finally reveal what I've been working on for a while. It's the Trellis sweater from the Spring '05 Knitty. I made a size 2, so that it would be grown into, rather than quickly grown out of. I had originally started knitting the Baby Pea Pod sweater in size 6 months, but ended up frogging that when I realized how small it was and that it would hardly get worn. It's a darned cute pattern though and I really enjoyed knitting that while it was on the needles. If you go back a couple months, you can see the beginnings of that sweater in a photo. That one I started knitting in Dream in Color yarn, but the Trellis was done in Cascade Superwash.

I really loved knitting the Trellis sweater. The patterns really kept me interested. Assembly gave me a few fits, but I think when all was said and done, it came out pretty cute. Debbie doesn't know if the baby is a girl or boy, so I gave her a selection of square buttons in green to match, and also bright pink, yellow and turquoise. She can choose when the time comes.

I covered a child size tube hanger with matching yarn and tied ribbons around the neck of the hanger. I knit an i-cord long enough to slip over the hook of the hanger, and then I crocheted around the rest of the hanger (Boy, did THAT take a lot longer than I expected!). It added a nice finishing touch to the sweater presentation.

I recently knit a B4 Bag for the new LYS where I am working. Here it is while it was blocking, before buttons, and then a rather blurry shot at the shop...I need to get a new one of it totally finished, cuz it is darned cute, if I do say so myself!

If you live anywhere near Romeo and haven't stopped in at Labor Of Love Yarn and Fiber Arts, please come see us! More and more goodies are arriving every day!


Jane said...

That baby sweater is just darling, and I love the color! Your B4 bag is fabulous, too. The color scheme you chose is so summery.

Adrienne said...


Rob said...

awesome bag, Trish

That's gonna sell some patterns (and yarn!)

tina said...

Darn cute B4 Bag I agree! Love the colors, very very pretty.

Your baby sweater is adorable as well, what a lucky wee one!

sarah said...

I love your bag and sweater. First time i have visited you so im gonna read some more. x

Carrie said...

I love the trellis sweater AND the handbag - your work is beautiful!

Deb Willner said...

Hey Trish! It's Deb lurking in the background. Now that I've seen your blog and website, I spot your bag all over the place! I first noticed it in the Romeo store. Then, I heard about it in a podcast (she links to it in her show notes), then I was at the yarn store in Clarkston, and I spotted two of them! The baby sweater is really neat. You do good work!