Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Catching up

Stitch 'n Pitch was fun. Unfortunately we were not made aware of some of the festivities going on before the game, so we were under the impression that it was rather a non-event. How frustrating to find out afterwards that there were booths set up with demonstrations etc. on a level below us. I wish when we had bought the tickets, or picked them up, there had been a handout or some sort of informational sheet about what would be happening. We certainly could have planned to be there earlier. Drats. Maybe next year. Looking at the Stitch 'n Pitch website, I can see that some towns that host it really make a big deal of it. I don't know if it depends on the folks at the stadium, or the event planners, but we were all left wishing there had been a little more to it.

Here's our view of the game (which the Tigers lost, by a lot...oh well) from the nosebleed section:

And here are the knitting hands of Sharon, Kim and another lady Kim knew from Heritage. Tam was on the other side of me, and unfortunately I didn't get a shot of her knitting.

Miri's shower was Saturday and we all had a blast. The food was wonderful, Sharon and I won the 2 games and came home with nice prizes, and I know Miri was thrilled with the whole day. She got some wonderful gifts, including hand-knit items from some of us. Here are the pix of the knit items she received:

The oh-so-soft blankie made by me. Yarn: K1C2 Fleece.

Cutest little bebe sweater made by Sharon (hiding behind it...can you see her lovely entrelac vest done in Silk Garden?)

A beautiful Aran made by Clare. Hers is done in Debbie Bliss Rialto. OH MY! So soft and cooshy. I'll definitely be scooping up some of this yarn from Labor of Love very soon. I wish I had gotten close up shots of Clare's and Kim's sweaters. Darn!

Another cute sweater with hood, knit (and designed!) by Kim. Done in Araucania Nature Cotton. I love the nubby texture of that yarn. The design is darned cute too!

In other knitting news...I have been commissioned to knit a B4 Bag for a semi-local lady. She had seen the SWTC ad and wanted one, but she doesn't knit. She wanted me to double the Karoake to make the bag larger and sturdier. I've done 4 bags in Karaoke, but they have all been single strand, so it will be interesting to see how this one turns out. I'm progressing, but am waiting for 5 lbs. of beads to show up today so I can carry on.

I've finished another snake scarf, this one in Paton's SWS. I love how it turned out. I guess I need to get a picture of that!

Still working on the market bag made from Butterfly cotton. I am almost done, and need to go to Joann's to find something for the handles.

And finally, here's a better picture of the B4 bag I made for Labor of Love. I still think it's my favorite one yet!

On the design front....
I have 2 new bag designs in my brain. I have already started playing around with creating the first one, and can see that I need to make some adjustments. I'm not sure if they will both end up being felted bags...I may do one in cotton or hemp. We'll see. Stay tuned for more info!

Teaching again.... Yesterday I taught the 2nd in a 3-part Magic Loop class (we are doing FT's felted mittens). It feels really good to be teaching again. I'm so thankful that I've been given the opportunity to work and teach in a great new yarn store. As time goes by I'm sure I'll be spending more and more time at Labor of Love Yarn and Fiber Arts. And that's a good thing!


Jane said...

I'm sorry you missed the pre-game stuff, but at least your group had it. They didn't do anything like that here - no vendors or anything. The baby gifts are so cute - I love the blanket you made. I did a baby sweater out of that DB Rialto and it was so wonderful to work with. You'll love it. And I think that B4 bag is fabulous! Congratulations on another winner.

Maria said...

Trish, I loved catching up on all your knitting and the ball game event. One day I'll knit more than scarves! I wish I could sit in your class. I really want to learn to knit socks.

Anonymous said...

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Karen said...

Your knitting at the game sounded like so much fun. I never knew people went to ball games to knit...LOL
I loved seeing the baby gifts.
I love everything that I see that you have made. You are just so talented!